January 28, 2005

Red Team Go

Red Team Go

So I wake up this morning all adrenaliney because I had this crazy dream. I dreamt Geo and I were in high school together, at this really old school. I mean the architecture at this place was amazing. Curved marble staircases, elaborate gates, gargoyles, it was all there. The school was infested by some poltergeist-type things that also had the ability to possess people. Geo and I were both leading two separate teams of students fighting the bastards off, with broomsticks of all things. Picture stick fighting against invisible enemies with plastic orange sticks. But a bit cooler than that.

So after school we're hanging out at Taco Bell (my real high school had a Taco Bell across the street) and I decide to head back into the school to organize my team for some offensive strike. Geo says he'll follow but he gets caught up talking to some groupie. I get to the ornate gate which serves as the side entrance to our school, and three goth chicks reminiscent of The Craft come striding up and there's this crackle of tension in the air. I'm like uh-oh and rightfully so because they're possessed and they attack. I'm fending them off with these crazy martial arts moves a la Kill Bill but trying to get back to where Geo and the other team leader are. Apparently I had just had surgery and wasn't supposed to be engaging in heavy combat. I guess my dream screenwriter failed to make me heal like Wolverine, which would've been cool as hell.

We're fighting and moving backwards up the street and finally I decide to run towards Geo, because even though it was an even fight at first, the fricken poltergeists start throwing me around against cars and shit. After an excruciatingly slow run (I hate running in dreams, it's so slow and my legs feel like they're made of lead) I make it back to Geo and the demon broads back off. The other team leader grabs some of his lieutenants and chases them. Geo is freaking out because he says he should have been there and I can't say anything because I'm gasping for air and my insides feel like they've been beaten with a bat.

So I have no clue what my dream means, but Kwame gave me a Dream dictionary so let me go check what it says.

Broom - Some crap about sweeping with one but nothing about fighting with one. "In a woman's dream the broom might also be a phallic symbol." Ah.

School - Dreaming about being back in school as an adult means I need to pay attention to my past and childhood, life wants to instruct me on something. I am being challenged to learn from past experiences.

Fighting - "Dreaming about fighting reflects the difficulties you have in balancing conflicting personality traits."

Nothing about poltergeists. So in conclusion, I still have no idea what my dream meant. Maybe that I shouldn't walk through a school alone because I'll get beaten with a broom. Or that I need to learn something from my experiences with past phalluses that will help me balance my multiple personalities. Or that these dream interpretation books are useless to me because my dreams are so inane (sorry Kwam.)

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