January 27, 2005


These bastards helped people fly jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and our idea of interrogating them is to have them women in miniskirts speak to them, touch them sexually and smear them with red ink?? And people have the audacity to call THAT "torture"?? You can save that bullshit about religious faith and holiness blah blah blah. Some of the hijackers were in strip joints before September 11th remember? Not to mention that their idea of heaven is a place where they will be surrounded by virgins galore (to despoil I assume otherwise why do they need to be virgins). I'm not saying that serious, genuinely devout Muslims are full of shit. I'm saying these terrorist fuckers are full of shit and using religious piety when it's not their motivator at all.

They're beheading anyone they can reach and we're stripping them and pretending to give them electric shocks. I thought that sensory overload thing they did on 24 was kind of pussy but now I'm starting to think I'd be happy with even that. Especially the one that took flight classes. I mean what must those sessions be like...

Female GI: What's the matter, you don't like my hand on your thigh?
Terrorist Guy: Oh please take your hand off my thigh.. please... oh no... what would be TRULY awful is if you got on your knees and blew me.
Female GI: Okay but you asked for it...
Terrorist Guy: No!!! Well whatever you do, don't make me come!! No!!!!!!!!

Female GI: This is menstrual blood. Take that.
Terrorist Guy: But it smells like ink.
Female GI: I ate something weird. That's menstrual blood though. Stop writing with it.

I have to admit the story in the article was pretty damn funny though. I guess that's why we're having such difficulties with the war. We shouldn't be dropping bombs, we should be dropping gallons, no VATS of menstrual blood and used maxi pads. And we American females could all donate to The Cause.

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