January 26, 2005

Wednesday Thoughts

Wednesday Thoughts

So my birthday is coming up... in 6 months. Almost to the day. So, in case some of you haven't yet found anything on my Froogle list worthy of your purchase, how about this?? Missiles not included of course.

A lot of parents are outraged over the sale of this slutty prom dress. If my daughter tried to wear that I'd be outraged too. I'd be like "I did NOT raise you to be so tacky and unfashionable!!!" Just kidding. I'd be bitching about the usual things. What I can't believe is that some parents are actually buying the thing. It's $495 dor God's sake. My prom dress cost like 80 bucks. And I was still wearing it 3 years later to my sorority formals. Okay fine, I'll talk about the real grievance. Why the hell would any parent want their child to leave the house looking like a fucking porn star? If my 25-year-old wanted to leave the house looking like that I'd have a problem with it, never mind my 15-year-old.
"What's wrong with the dress mom?"
"I have a problem with you using clothing to advertise your future as a carrier of syphilis."

According to John Shabe at The Jersey Side, the New Jersey GOP has come up with a babe listing. I assume the point was to combat the idea that all Republicans are hicks or rich, white men. Is it me or is that type of PR campaign really funny? And there's even a dude listing that includes Clint Eastwood and Denzel Washington. I wonder how many of their Hollywood friends have called them on that. Now they're going to be left off crucial invite lists. Yeah right. They would lose their token black guest. Oh wait, there's still Will Smith. Forgot about him. By the way, I just saw I Robot and damn he's diesel!! Geo caught me with my mouth open. I was like "Uhhh... uhhh... I haven't seen him since Independence Day." Ooooh... good one Riss. Nice recovery.

So I read this article and of course ignroed all the crap about firefighters having sex in the firehouse (like that's NEWS for God's sake it's like a rite of passage) and focused on these words: "local porn-star costume ball." What? What is that? I wanna go to that. Well maybe not actually go to it but I certainly want to see some footage. What does one wear to a porn star costume ball? I mean costume implies "slut nurse" or "dominatrix" but ball implies big poofy gown with the nipples cut out. Maybe they wear that prom dress.

Thursday edit: Okay this article on "cockboxing" is so not what I thought it was going to be about.

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