February 28, 2005

24: Hour Eleven

24: Hour Eleven

1. Jack pulled a Macguyver of torture on Creepy Husband Guy. CHG should have listened to me. I told him that Jack could kill him... with this!! *PIECE OF CORN POWERS ACTIVATE*

2. I was cheering Curtis on with exuberant suggestions like "Crack his neck!" And Curtis has good hearing because a second later he did and I roared like the Romans cheering on Maximus in Gladiator. Kwame and Nicky, you two can stop wanking off now about how bad this show makes black people look. Curtis was pretty bad ass in this episode. He was so good that for now, unless he does something lame again, I will refer to him by name instead of Token Black Guy. He's an actual character now, not just window dressing.

3. I'm getting tired of the schizo daughter scenes. Can't they just strap her down already. Use the computer cords instead of rope if they don't have any. Improvise!

4. Did anyone else laugh hysterically throughout the car scene when, Audrey was trying to reassure her husband? And then Jack gave her the look of death in the rearview mirror. Classic. I was actually laughing out loud. I love this show. The only thing that would have made it better is if when Creepy Husband made that crack about Jack, she replied "Um, he just kicked YOUR ass. You should stay quiet now."

5. I was unimpressed with Tony Almeida in the interview room. He should have said "I'm going to make sure your little boy is the prison bicycle for the rest of his life, do you hear me bitch??? EVERYONE GETS A RIDE." Damn, that would have been awesome.

6. The old security guy is like the worst terrorist peon ever. Two measly little pushes against the wall and he gives up all the info he has including the location of his boss? Pussy.

7. I miss President Palmer. I mean yes, he'd get distracted every so often by the fact that his girlfriend would be secretly blowing him under the presidential desk. But he wouldn't say dumb shit like "I don't have to remind you all of the consequences if those reactors melt down." Good call. Up until that statement, CTU and the Secretary of Defense were under the impression that the nuclear reactors would melt down and begin spewing roses and saltwater taffy.

8. Okay so now that the schizo chick died I kind of feel guilty for wishing they'd get to the point of her already. But I wasn't surprised. Every other episode from here on in is going to have at least one "collateral damage" death that's supposed to make you feel for the characters but really just annoys you because it detracts from Jack Bauer Time. I'm full of crap though because I really felt bad for Driscoll when she finally made it to the infirmary and her daughter was dead. Although seriously, for a person with so much responsibility in life she made some questionable judgement calls. I think that's the worse death in the past three seasons.

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