February 21, 2005

24: Hour Ten

24: Hour Ten

1. Fricken Arnold Vosloo. I like him but every time they show him my mind chants "IMHOTEP!! IMHOTEP!!" Kind of hard to get into his scenes with that in the background.

2. I like how Driscoll (HCL) pulled the fake nice approach on Nerdboy, instead of "Edgar, these reports are 40 minutes off. Stop sitting around, picking your butt and thinking about your mom."

3. Anyone else yell out "Hi Eric-the-torture-guy" when Token Black Chick was getting strapped in? In my 24 world that scene went like this:

TBC: I wanna call my lawyer.
TBC: Owwww!!!!
TBC: My lawy--

Tony and I were very sad to see her quick capitulation. We were hoping for a Sarah-repeat.

4. The thing they used to lower Jack into the laundry room was wide and made of metal. They didn't know it was going to clunk when retracted? They yanked it up kinda fast. CLUNK!! Smooth, Mr. Agent Man In Charge Of Raising The Rappelling Gear Thing.

5. Why did Terrorist Son kill Terrorist Dad? I mean if he was so mad at him, wouldn't he have rather seen him tortured a bit?

6. Driscoll said "I need Curtis (Token Black Guy) here." Why? As far as I've seen, he doesn't really do anything except follow Driscoll around and feed her ego. Oh. Light bulb flashes. Tony and I were screaming "Cut off the dead guy's thumb!!!" But no one heard us. And I guess the little severed thumb would be cold and not work on the scan.

7. CTU wins the Official Worst Place To Work Award. "Sorry we tortured you and all, can you just suck it up and go back to work? Thanks." I don't understand why Driscoll would even trust Sarah. I mean didn't it occur to her that tortured employees might not have the best company morale (or motives). CTU makes the NBA look like it should be up for a Best Place to Work Award. Not. And if all it takes for someone to grow a pair is to zap them for a couple of minutes, I have a few other candidates for nomination.

8. In my 24 world, that anklet TBG put on TBC would blow up if she gets more than 10 feet away from him. But I guess in 24 it just beeps and lets them track her. What was she trying to say with that arm stroking thing... "Sorry I'm a traitor to our country and all but maybe one day you'll trust me again. I am willing to give you lots of butt sex for that to happen."

9. Ooooh slick terrorists. I guess they thought anyone investigating the building would just ignore the big black plugged-in cord which disappeared mysteriously beneath the floorboards? "Nothing to see here folks. Let's go. The room is completely empty except for this cord which disappears mysteriously beneath the floorboards. Another dead end."

10. Fruity and Creepy Husband Guy is being set up I think. I mean don't get me wrong, it's going to be fun watching Jack fuck him up. Just because he's creepy and all. But I think he might just be another one of those red herrings CTU likes to toss in every now and again. Although he did win points for his idiotic suggestion to get busy. She can't even bring herself to talk to you loser, you think she wants your dick in her?

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