February 17, 2005

Award Shows ARE Stupid

Award Shows ARE Stupid

Supposedly "Hollywood" is pissed because Chris Rock (who's hosting the Academy Awards this year for the first time) said that as a straight, black male he's never watched them before. And that he thinks award shoes are idiotic. Ahhhh... I love Chris Rock. Actually, I'm suspicious of all people that actually TRY to watch these award shows. I catch them occasionally but only by accident and with a healthy dose of self-loathing. I mean it's 5 hours of wealthy entertainers patting themselves on the back. And they take the show so seriously, they cut their winners off if their speeches run too long. As if that would put viewers off. When in reality, people who actually sit down and watch these shows are in it for the long haul. Roseanne Barr could strut across the stage naked and they wouldn't change the channel.

I succumbed to temptation and clicked on the link to see what was being said in the forums and my favorite comments were "loose Chris Rock" (because) "he has no vocabullary" (sic). Is that how you use "sic" properly? Wouldn't want anyone to think that those phrases came from me. Some of the stuff that was being said by everyday people was just ridiculous. First of all, it's either "lose Chris Rock" because you want him fired or it's "loosen Chris Rock" because he's tied up and you want him freed. It's never "Loose Chris Rock" unless there's a "Tight Chris Rock" out there and you have to distinguish between the two.

Secondly, Chris Rock has a better vocabulary than 90% of Hollywood. A truly intelligent person wouldn't be fooled by his liberal use of obscenities. And, I'm not a hypocrite. I realize it's the um, lower echelon if you will, of my political party that posts stupid shit like that. And that the same people that think he's "racist" and "untalented" laugh their asses off over Andrew Dice Clay, who if you think about it really isn't that funny.

(Liberals shouldn't snicker too much over that. You guys have Michael Moore remember? And then you have the audacity to nominate him for awards for his data-mined propaganda garbage.)

Thirdly, Chris Rock didn't "ruin" Lethal Weapon 4. He and Jet Li saved it. Lethal Weapon 4 is better than the first three combined. And yes, he sold out a little in Never Scared (I assume in reaction to his own peoples talking smack to him) but he doesn't jump on bandwagons and he doesn't only say what's expected of him due to his skin color. He gives props when it's due and tells it like it is when needed.

Fourthly, no one is going to snub him for his comments. Over 90% of Hollywood is white and politically correct. They're going to be too afraid of being labeled as "racists" to criticize a black man. It's just a fact of life. When you're a white celebrity, you feel more fear over the possibility of bad racial publicity than a manager at Denny's. Is it fair? Does it make any sense? No. But that's what the politically correct world is like.

Oh and fifthly, why are so many people outraged and saying that the Academy Awards deserves respect. It does? Why, because the people it recognizes find cures for terminal diseases or negotiates treaties between warring nations? Because the people it recognizes save lives and inspire hope and faith? The Oscars are a glorified fashion show and popularity contest. I really fail to see why peoples' panties are in such a bunch over this. I can just see it now...

Overpaid Actress #1: Can you believe what that guy said?
Overpaid Actress #2: Oh I know.
Overpaid Actor #1 (taking sip of Dom): Totally. Who is that guy anyway?
Overpaid Actress #2: He's the guy that was in Rush Hour with that Chinese guy remember?
Overpaid Actor #1: Oh yeah.
Overpaid Actress #1: Do you guys want to go soon? My arms are getting tired from lugging around all these diamond bracelets.

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