March 28, 2005

24: Hour Thirteen

24: Hour Thirteen

She (me) says:

1. Thank God they explained all that crap because I was sitting there last week going "Why in the hell would they want someone as useless as Terrorist Boy? Next they'll be asking for Kim Bauer."

2. Imhotep made me giggle when he said "Don't worry, your Boy Scout is unharmed." Who knew terrorists could be so witty.

3. Tony Almeida also made me giggle when he said "Jack is about the only friend I have left." But then I sobered up when I remembered that his life went to hell becuase he chose to save his evil dillhole of a wife instead of letting her die.

4. The Edgar versus Chloe battle scenes were also good for a laugh. It was like The Dweeb Wars. I almost expected Steve Urkel to come out and ask which one of them ate the sandwich he put his name on and left in the lunchroom refrigerator.

5. Why is CTU such a mess in a crisis? How can Edgar and Chloe be the only two people who know how to do anything? It's run like a Jersey City Shoprite on the day before Thanksgiving.

6. I want a couple of those microtrackers for the girls. That would totally rock. "Where are you?" "Studying at Michelle's house." "Really? And since when does Michelle live at the movie theatre?" Come to think of it, I bet CTU's technology would be really helpful in 30 or so years when my daughters begin to date.

Date: Ouch! What was that?
Me: I just implanted a microdevice into your head.
Date: What does it do?
Me: It causes your brain to implode if you don't have her home by 10.
Date: Ummm..
Me: By the way, it's also activated by the removal of any clothes.

7. I know Kwame called it but I was really hoping Audrey was going to turn out normal. Guess not. Too bad her and Paul can't switch places. I mean he took a bullet for Jack for God's sake. They should get married. I don't think that Jack will ever hit it with Audrey ever again though. Jack is pretty honorable and you just don't nail the wife of the guy who saved your life. It's even worse than banging your best friend's little sister or brother's wife. Seriously. This isn't debatable.

8. Mike thinks the guy from Division is a mole. I'm inclined to agree although I have less of a leg to stand on becuase I missed the first fifteen minutes of the show. He just looks shady.

9. Who wants to come over next Monday? We'll grab a couple of beers and take a swig every time someone says the words "satellite" "tactical" or "Jack."

He says (Kwame):

1. Really, has anyone had a worse day than Behrooz? Dead girlfriend, dead mom, dead dad (after dad disowns him), fights off a guy with a shovel, is betrayed by his uncle, tortured, licked on his face by his mom, has tracer injected into him, has tracer forcibly

2. Chloe you were fired about 6 hours ago, now you're splitting hairs about job title during a crisis?

3. For someone who is involved with US security, Audrey is awfully dumb when it comes to this stuff.

4. It kills me how Jack still beats up guys with only his feet. He must be the most annoying hostage ever.

5. Marwan had a point: 40 dead in a train crash, the Forrester company debacle which included riots in the streets, a whole nuclear reactor melted down, Sec. of Defense captured and broadcast over the internet, and he hasn't even gotten to his main plan yet (which I'm guessing involves shooting down Air Force One.) I would say that the terrorists are winning.

6. Audrey and Edgar are approaching Kim on the annoying scale.

7. Didn't it seem like Michelle was kind of inferring that Audrey is a slut? "Umm he's married..." Tony's attempt to make her look better didn't work. Then later Audrey does her "who's in charge" routine. CAT FIGHT!!

8. Do you think Edgar and Chloe kinda sort of like each other? Like the two nerds who thinks the other is hot?

9. I love when they introduce random other people that work at CTU.

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