March 23, 2005

24: Hour Twelve

24: Hour Twelve

So I finally saw the last episode of 24 last night and I really don't have that many thoughts.

1. I know Edgar just lost his mom and all. And that he shut down a bunch of the nuclear reactors before they went critical. But when he mouthed off to Tony Almeida, Tony should have bitch slapped him across the conference table and said "I'm your daddy now, you fucking orphan."

2. Did anyone else get kind of nauseated during the scene with Terorrist Mom and Terrorist son? Like when she was licking his neck? Um, EEEW. I know her husband is dead and all but dude woman, buy a vibrator like everyone else.

3. The switching-cars-in-the-tunnel trick is an oldie but goodie. I can't believe CTU didn't even see that one coming. I mean who in Los Angeles ever takes a tunnel to go anywhere? The warning bells didn't even go off when they said they'd be out of satellite range for awhile.

4. Instead of turning the gun on Imhotep, Terrorist Mom should have just shot Jack in the arm and pretended she missed his head. The empty gun trick was also kind of obvious.

5. Is it just me or are people like Audrey who don't realize they love someone until that person gets shot in the spine kind of annoying? I mean she wasn't as compassionate when she was using her husband's credit card to get hotel rooms for her and Jack to bang the night away.

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