April 18, 2005

24: Hour Eighteen

24: Hour Eighteen

She says...

1. At least we know now why crime pays for so many people. Apparently, stealing a nuclear warhead is easier than stealing a Honda Accord parked on a dark corner in Newark.

2. I don't understand the President. He's so worried about assassination but he chose a life in public office and ran as Vice-President? He seems more like one of those guys that has a bomb shelter in his basement and gets his groceries delivered each week.

3. I realize that sex is a great stress reliever and all that but can Tony and Michelle please FOCUS. Why is it that every week like eight people at CTU need to be told to focus on the fact that terrorists are whooping our asses?

4. They need to use the bomb at CTU storyline again and take out Edgar and Audrey. First of all Edgar, what in the hell are YOU going to do to interrogate that terrorist? Sweat all over him? Feed him Krispy Kremes? Reconfigure the TCP/IP protocol on his computer improperly so he can't dial up?

5. A nuclear warhead is missing and President Pussy is convening random Washington advisors to give an impromptu vote on whether or not the only person they have with information should be tortured? Is it me or does anyone else want to beat the shit out of this presidential wus? They need to leave a few more Stealth fighters unattended, put him on Air Force Two and fly around a little.

6. I worship Jack Bauer. We don't have much time so let's just cut to the chase and break not one but two (or was it three?) of your fingers right away. Jack fucking rocks.

7. Is President Palmer going to be able to take time out of his busy schedule of banging random white chicks and filming commercials to help a brother out?

He (Kwame) says...

1. What type of convoy gets ambushed by a group of grunge band look-a-likes? I mean they are carrying a nuclear warhead and the terror alert must be at the highest level possible and they get beat by a bunch of yahoos in a pick up truck? Did we have the New York Knicks transporting the warhead?

2. I know I say this every week, but how can these people (the VP, the guy from Division): a) not know who Jack is by just the mention of his first name (like Tiger, Yao, Madonna, etc) and b) not just put all their faith in Jack? I mean when all else fails just let Jack do his thing. He's the Michael Jordan of counter-terrorism.

3. Yea Audrey, Jack helping you with some sort of mainframe is more important than finding Marwan, she gets more annoying by the hour.

4. Umm..Tony, Michelle...now is no time to gaze into each other's eyes... when this is over the two of you can go to the "situation room."

5. Curtis, the goal is to get the terrorist guy, letting him get to the boat is not a good plan.

6. Line of the night "Im not coming out of the bunker until it's safe"... I wish I could interview George Bush or Bill Clinton and ask them if they watch 24. They should do a weekly review of the decisions the presidents make on West Wing and 24.

7. Speaking of Bush, what do you think his answer would have been regarding breaking the witness? Probably something like "Why hasn't Richards jammed 7 needless into this man yet? You're all fired. Jack, go do your thing."

8. On the next episode President Palmer should say "I really would love to help, but I'm filming an Allstate commercial right now."

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