April 27, 2005

24: Hour Nineteen

24: Hour Nineteen I Think

1. Anyone else want to take the President in this show and just walk him around near a grassy knoll? People always bitch about the believability of the show, concerning how fast it takes Jack and Company to maneouvre around Los Angeles. But what's stretching my imagination is having this pussy ass guy as president. Although his attitude reminds me of Al Gore. So maybe it's not too far-fetched.

2. I really can't see that any real Secret Service or CTU agents would have compromised such a time-sensitive mission without checking in with their superiors. "Hey boss, we're here to arrest that Jack Bauer guy but he's about to take down the guy responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, shooting down Air Force One and stealing a nuclear weapon that he's presumably about to use on a highly-populated American city sometime in the next couple of hours. Should we go get him anyway?" But it's these things that make me love the show, so I'm not complaining.

3. I deserve to be sat down while Kwame runs around my chair crowing "I told you so." Because he did in fact tell me from the get go that Audrey was going to be a dumb ass cunt of character and I did in fact think she was alright in the beginning. Now I wish she'd join the President near that grassy knoll. Bring on the Magic Bullets.

4. These Jack and Audrey interactions are killing me. The Jack I know and love wouldn't bother trying to allay the idiotic neuroses of his girlfriend when he's got a terrorist to hunt.

5. I bet Chloe and Edgar would have some really roughneck nerd sex. I mean the pent up aggression these two are feeling as they play office politics and snipe at each other over petty offenses could manifest into the time of their lives. They could save the world AND lose their respective virginities in one um, shebang.

6. When Imhotep was making his "Hey Americans This Is Why I Killed Your Peoples" video, I was amused because I was thinking of that scene in the movie True Lies, when the terrorist minion had to tell the Crimson Jihad leader while they were making the video that his camera battery was dying.

7. Yet again, The Writers That Be are manipulating my emotions and making me question my dislike of Chloe. Yes she's annoying, yes she makes the worst facial expressions, yes she says the worst things at the most inappropriate of times... but she also just killed that terrorist like it was nobody's business. Which made me go from "Someone slap her" to "Okay she rocks" in about 5 seconds.

8. Since they're bringing back President The Allstate Guy (forgot his name) they should also bring back Wayne the Presidential Brother. That is, if they can pry him away from that dead chick he was hugging last season.

9. Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler are like vapor now, so the writers need to get on that and give them some interesting storylines. For now, all I can say about them is that I'm trying to decide where they will have their reconciliatory sexual interlude. I vote the torture, er "interrogation" room. That place has such bad karma right now it could use some positive energy.

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