April 7, 2005



You know, I get a lot of flack for being "too honest" or "too blunt" but you know, I think I deserve a little credit. I'm not half as blunt or "honest" as I'd like to be when addressing some things that annoy me. I sometimes let things like the need to avoid drama, family obligations, other peoples' feelings and crap like that get in the way. Except of course, when I'm pushed. I'm not good at being pushed. For the most part however, I tend to have a filter of some sort in place.

But if I were as blunt and honest as everyone thinks, when sorting through my e-mail the responses would look like this:

E-mail: Where are those files you promised to send me?
Response: You haven't received them yet because I don't give a fuck about them. When I do, you'll get them.

E-mail: Here is a chain letter.
Response: Here is my fucking foot. Please shove it into your head so at least SOMETHING'S in there.

E-mail: Here is an invitation to my kid's birthday party this weekend.
Response: You haven't deigned to show up to a single party for MY kids and yet you want me to drop everything and show up to yours? Fuck you. Your kid is a little dirtball anyway. Why don't you try bathing him every so often.

E-mail: Just to let you know...
Response: Just to let YOU know, I really don't care, otherwise I would have asked.

E-mail: I haven't heard from her in weeks.
Response: That's because she doesn't need anything from you, moron.

E-mail: Can you tell George that...
Response: You wanna hear something really fucking interesting? George has a phone AND an e-mail address. Isn't that fucking interesting?

My point is, I've just realized this whole post is a lie and I'm always saying what I think regardless of whether or not it's a good idea. So never mind.

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