May 11, 2005

My Dreams Suck - Updated With More That Suck

My Dreams Suck - Updated With More That Suck

I just wanted to whine for a bit. My dreams fricken suck ass. And not even in the good way. A couple nights ago, I had a dream about this guy John I used to always talk to. He was pretty fly for a white guy, the drummer in this band we used to always go see called Love Lies Bleeding. The dream was HOT and sweaty. Literally. It was hot because he was standing in front of a big stove and I was giving him orders about what to cook and how to cook it. What the fuck? What kind of bullshit kind of dream is that? He's standing there with a spatula or something and I'm yelling "You have to use the cast iron frying pan, the cast iron one!!" That's even worse than my usual almost-banged-but-didn't dreams because there wasn't any mischief at all.

I guess that answers the age-old question of whether or not I'd rather have really great food and mediocre sex for the rest of my life, or really great sex and mediocre food.

Then, last night, I had a dream that a fairy was dropping sand onto my nose pierce. So I kept covering it to protect it. But then I woke up this morning and I was actually rubbing my nose pierce so now it's going to get even more infected. Great. So I touch myself while I sleep, but in a detrimental way, not an enjoyable one. Does that just suck or what?

Updated: Last night I had three dreams. Well, two dreams and one weird mini-one. In the mini one, I dreamt that Geo and I left Steve's house instead of making him chicken fajitas. Then in real life, my daughters started crying and as I struggled to identify what the sound was, I started thinking that the cries were because we were supposed to make Steve fajitas but didn't. So then I was fixated on the idea that the girls were crying because we drove off from Steve's place without grilling up chicken fajitas for him to eat. The thought just reverberated over and over in my head, even as I calmed my daughters and went back to sleep.

Then, I had another dream that we were all in a swimming pool and purple sharks were attacking people I knew, and I kept having to push them onto these weird life rafts that looked like those styrofoam coolers. But my mind didn't like this one so it woke me up fast, before anyone could get seriously hurt.

So then, the last dream was the best because nothing to bizarre happened. I dreamt I got pulled over because I was soberly driving on some guy's lawn. So they took me to the police station and there were these two guys working there who I at first didn't recognize but then realized they were friends of my sister-in-law Net (in real life these guys don't exist or if they do I've never seen them before.) Anyway, they somehow fixed the paperwork and let me go with just a warning and then I went home and found them on some online poker room. The one I was crushing on was named Jamie (spelt Jaime) and he kind of looked like my cousin Prency's ex-boyfriend. I asked to use the restroom at their station and when I went behind this red door there was a hospital there. And in the hallway were three bathroom stalls with a policeman guard. Oh and the two guys' boss was this weird Korean guy that kept marching around and calling out random military terms. But other than that it was pretty normal.

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