June 20, 2005

Blog Surfing

Blog Surfing

While I really dislike blogging about blogging, there are a few things I'd like to stick out there. What I've noticed while surfing around, snooping on random peoples' lives:

-Women seem to love to blog about things like knitting, scrapbooking, dieting, their pets, kids and relationships. Men seem to love to blog about sports, politics, hoochies, cars, liquor, porn and shit like hiking. Keep in mind I'm just tallying up the ones I've seen. I'm sure somewhere out there, some man is blogging about flowers and cross-stitching and the merits of silk versus linen. And then going inside the house to steam his rainbow flag.

-peopl who cant spel or punktuate shudnt hav blogs

-There are an inordinate amount of blogs written by children. At least I'm assuming they're children and not perverted 65-year-old men pretending to be kids so they can make new friends. Some of these blogs are pretty detailed, they talk about where they hang out and where they go to school and everything. What I'm wondering is what the hell their parents are doing leaving them so unsupervised in the cyberworld. How can they not know their kid has a blog, or if they do know, why don't they read it and tell them not to put personal information down there? It's scary.

-I wish I knew html. Some of the sites out there have amazings designs. My blog is just a simple template that I (or rather Paul) added a table to. Everything else was just me guessing at how to add things. So my template is like the html version of Frankenstein, except without the parts taken from dead people.

-How come black people and Spanish people don't blog? I've seen about two. I guess I'm glad about the Spanish people one, because you know it would have music on it and I hate weblogs with music. And you know the guy would have the "Gasolina" song as his music, which would annoy the crap out of me... (who the hell am I kidding, I like that song. It doesn't seem as lame to like it now that I know it's a song about sperm.)

-I wonder how many bloggers are actually like their online personas in real life. I think my blog is a pretty accurate representation of what I'm like in real life, although in real life I'm probably a bit more sarcastic and a bit quieter AT FIRST. Wait is that true? I don't know. I mean I will get around to more obscene conversation, And I can keep the cursing to a minimum if I'm not heatedbut only after the first ten minutes or so of good behavior. It's almost like I want to prove that you can dress me up AND take me out in public.

-People really take themselves seriously. It almost makes me feel bad that my blog is so inane. Okay it doesn't really make me feel bad. Those people need to get laid. Pull the stick out or push it further in, whatever floats your boat.

-onse agin, pepol whu cant spel shudnt hav blogs. I don't mean misspelled words here and there or typos. Please, no blog is without those. I mean the people whose blogs you can't even decipher despite the fact that it's written in your language. Or at least is kind of written in your home language.

-I need to get in on that Amazon Associates program where you get credit if people buy things through your blog. I mean you all read obviously, or you wouldn't be here. Because I deliberately make my posts as long as possible in order to weed out illiterate people. They see my blog posts and go "Oh my God, WORDS!!!!!!" And run away.

-People really like to use pictures of celebrities in their design templates. I can't even think of who I'd put in mine were I to do that. I'd want to put someone really lame, just for the hell of it. Like Fran Drescher. Or Conan O'Brien. Or that guy in the Verizon commercials who says "Can you hear me now? Good."

-Okay this post is so boring. I have to stop. But I'm going to hit publish anyway because I don't have the time or inclination to type up a new, springtime fresh one.

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