June 21, 2005



1. So the jurors in the Michael Jackson trial spoke out and admitted they had a distinct distaste for the mother of the accusor. Yeah, she came off as a scumbag and all but I hope that personal dislike didn't sway their decision, even though I realize it must have. One of the jurors even said she thought "Don't you point your finger at me woman" while the mother was testifying. Nice and unbiased. Then again, juries are comprised of humans and despite what people state when the judge is questioning them, everyone is prone to personal biases. Even when the defendant is so obviously guilty. I think with Michael, fame combined with bad genetics has made him into a sociopath.

That being said, click on this link and go watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog making fun of those psychos who hung out at the trial and chanted shit.

2. Everyone is prone to a little pettiness now and again right? My occasional pettiness occurs when a friend of mine has a new girlfriend or boyfriend, and I liked the old one a lot. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule, but sometimes one of my friends or relatives gets someone new in their life and they ask me what do I think and my first inclination is to say "I can't believe you dumped so and so for this dirty little fucking whore of a skankbag." I stamp down the urge of course, because what's important is the happiness of the person I care about. The reason I say it's pettiness is because sometimes I haven't even met them and already I judge because let's face it... if the girl has a naked photograph of herself on Friendster then she's a skank. Or if the guy listed as his occupation "playa" and he's not on a pro sports team... loser. Some things are just fact. But yes, I realize it's wrong. And in case some of you people are reading this and wondering "Is she talking about me?" Probably not if I've met you already, because then you'd KNOW it if I didn't like you.

3. At McDonald's last weekend, we saw the guy whose friends stole Mike's car that we borrowed. His girlfriend was screaming to her kids that she wanted to get out of Jersey City. I was thinking she'd better find alternate company then, or the only reason she'd ever get out of Jersey City is because Hudson County Correctional Facility is located in Kearny.

4. I am still so addicted to that confessions site. Even the racist ones make me laugh "I hate all Asian people and don't care that I'm racist and wish they would all go back to their countries, except the ones that are hot." Hahahaha oh man, yes even that one made me laugh out loud. I pictured all of us Asian people getting rounded up by the Hotness Police and then sorted and deported. Yeah I know it's wrong that I laughed at that one. But fuck it's funny. My favorites are the quirky ones. Like "I can't leave food on my plate or I get really angry." HAHAHA. Damn, did I write that one. Or... "I used to be a busboy in a restaurant. When a really hot chick left and I went to clear the table, I'd put her fork in my pocket. Then, when I got back to the kitchen, I'd lick it." HAHAHA!!!!!!!

5. I had a dream the other night that I was working for the government, which I assume is the only time you'll ever see me walking around in a navy blue suit. George W. Bush and I were in this airport terminal-type thing attached to the building we worked in. We were waiting for a Serbian swimmer who was going to be arrested by his country, because maps were banned in Serbia and he swam an Olympic race in which the pool was a flat waterslide (like The Log Ride at Magic Mountain) in the shape of Serbia. So he was going to be arrested on our soil by Serbian officials. The rest of the Serbian swim team walked by and I was advising the president that he can't get involved in their dispute because it's a foreign government thing and he has to respect their esoteric rules.

So W disappears. I try to find him but I can't, so I'm walking around in this maze of cubicles and copy rooms. I hang out in one of the copy rooms chit-chatting with my cousin for a little too long, then remember an important meeting I was supposed to be at. I consider telling them I stepped out of the building to get food but my key card wouldn't show me leaving and re-entering. As I head up to the top floor where the meeting is, I stop by these glass lockers to pick something up. Then I decide to clean my locker for some reason. Then I woke up. I'd try to interpret it but the dream interpretation book Kwame gave me is all the way at the other end of the house. So I'll just wallow in my ignorance.

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