June 3, 2005

My New OCD

My New OCD

I have a new addition to my collection of OCD collectibles -- Star Wars toys from Burger King. We hit up Burger King today for no reason, and all of a sudden there they were. These toys rock!!! I am obsessed now:

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Geo is pressing the Jawa because its eyes light up, just so you know.

I have informed Geo and Tony that they will be eating at Burger King for lunch until my collection is complete. You too Mike. There are 31 of them and so far I have these four (Obi-Wan, a Storm Trooper, Boba Fett and a Jawa.) But there are a couple I don't want, namely Jar Jar Binks. I refuse to have any Jar Jar merchandise in my domain. Mee-sa gonna puke.

Geo: I'm going to run into Burger King, ask them which ones they have and when they bring them out to show me, grab them and run.
Me: Okay do that.
Geo: "In Jersey City today, a man was arrested..."
Me: "... for robbing a local Burger King of their plastic Star War toys."
Geo: "His excuse to the police was that his wife really wanted them."
Me: Yes. She really does.

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