June 26, 2005

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

On Saturday, I needed to get my nose-pierce replaced because the gem fell off, but didn't have my receipt anymore. The place said they weren't sure if they could exchange it without one so I hooched it up a bit (tank top and miniskirt) and went to ask them in person. Hey, I'm not above using a little fashion subterfuge to avoid having to pay for something that they should replace, considering the damn gem fell off the day after I got it.

Me: Is this skirt too skanky?
Geo: What? It's not skanky at all.
Me: Well my litmus test for skanky is whether or not you can bend over and pick something up off the floor without flashing someone. So the question is whether or not the skirt is TOO skanky.
Geo: Nope, I like it.
Me: Sold!!

So I got my shiny new nose stud, complete with a gem that will supposedly stay on because it's a special-order stud that has the jewel embedded instead of glued on. Hooray! Geo may also get his tattoo done at the same place as well, some time down the road. He designed a pretty cool simulation of the tattoo he wants, a phoenix (him, because he's a Fire sign) wrapped around a dragon (me, because I was born in the year of) but you can't really tell whether the phoenix is hugging or crushing the dragon. Which I guess is probably a perfect artistic representation of married life. It's especially cool because the dragon he's getting is the one I've had on my back for the last 11 years. All his tattoo talk is making me a bit jealous though because I want another one but can't think of a place to put it. The real estate on my lower back, butt and ankle is already taken. I don't want one on my chest, arms, nape or stomach, so what the heck is left. I'm going to get a tattoo on my elbow.

On Saturday night we went bowling, an activity I despise. No really. I hate banging my head against the wall but I DESPISE bowling. It's not just that I'm supremely bad at it, it's also that I don't see the fun in the activity AT ALL. I can't see it even a little bit. I see what some may perceive as fun in golf, softball, darts and pretty much every other activity under the sun except bowling. Mike snapped a few pictures of me on the lanes (is that even correct terminology) because I told him it was never happening again. It took continuous double shots of SoCo and lime to fricken get me out there in the first place.

On Sunday we made the drive up to G's place in Bumblefuck, Connecticut. The town she lives in has an actual name but we've all long since forgotten what it actually is. Her house is only 87 miles away from ours, but between the traffic on the Turnpike, the traffic on the Hutch, the traffic on some random Route we were supposed to take, avoiding all the roadkill, the toll traffic on the Tappan Zee and all the one-lane roads where we were stuck behind people going the exact speed limit... well we got there in three hours.

But there was lots and lots of yummy Indian food so it was all forgotten (for me at least, I don't know about Geo. He doesn't even like Indian food so he pretty much drove 6 hours today to watch me munch away.) The food was so good I don't even mind that I lost five bucks in a round of Hold 'Em. My luck was horrible all day anyway so what can you do. I folded about 20 hands and didn't regret it once. You know your cards suck if you fold them before the flop and are vindicated by the 5 cards on the table, time after time. I finally went all in on two pair (jacks and queens, jack and queen in hand) and lost to a straight. I was just dragging out the inevitable anyway. Never have I seen such crappy cards.

Well and that was it. A pretty good weekend but next week marks the commencement of a huge rush of Christenings, weddings and birthday parties. Why is it that everyone is baptized, married or born in July? Craziness.

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