June 4, 2006

Exit Zero

Exit Zero

But first, Starbursts suck. The strawberry ones are marginally tolerable but the rest taste like what sweetened cat vomit must taste like.

Geo and I grabbed the kids and spent the past weekend in Cherry Hill with Manny, Janelle and their son. What a difference a few years makes. Back in the day we used to go down there, get smashed while playing that drinking game Kings, then pass out after having drunken sex in various Cherry Hill locations. Now we go down there, hang out with the kids, play Guitar Hero and run errands. Geo and I are like a plague with Guitar Hero by the way. We're spreading the word like the captain of the football team spreads chlamydia.

We did play a round of Kings, though not enough to be affected by the beer. But long enough that when the category was "brands of toothpaste" I said Barnes and Noble instead of Arm and Hammer. I knew it didn't make sense but said it anyway. It's fun to play Kings with our friend Sean because he lets me and Janelle make up rules like "non-mothers have to drink."

Before we slept, we went outside to feed Janelle's adopted stray cat. Meaning she feeds it whenever it comes by, but doesn't keep it in her house. We were watching the cat eat and Janelle figured out that it was pregnant again. I asked her how she knew, and she mentioned something about its breasts. Okay. She wondered aloud why the cat was pregnant again, so fast. I'm like dude, the cat has three legs. It's not like it can make a quick getaway.

On Sunday, we all took a day trip to Cape May, New Jersey which is Exit 0 on the Garden State Parkway. Cape May is this little seaside town filled with delicious seafood restaurants, quaint little shops, beachfront hotels and numerous Victorian mansions turned into bed and breakfast places. I really love that place. We ate huge platters of fried fish, scallops, crab cakes and oysters, then got some homemade fudge. Yum.

Yeah, that's a Flash shirt. I got it because Flash gets no love, everyone's like
Superman this and Batman that. (Batman is the best though.)

This is my favorite bed and breakfast. Not that I've ever stayed there. A one night
stay probably runs at least $500. Yeah okay, I just won't eat tomorrow.

This one's awesome too, with a wraparound porch.

If I had a few million to spare I'd buy one of the beachfront Victorians and refurbish it. We saw one for sale that was awesome. When you buy an old house in Cape May however, you also need to set aside money for a few hundred priests to come and bless the house. And maybe a rabbi, some Muslim clerics and a Native American shaman as well.

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