June 7, 2006

Tequila Shots For The Radio: Vol. 12

Tequila Shots For The Radio: Vol. 12

Last night's show is available for download here.

There was no musical theme so it was the usual hip-hop with some random alternative/rock songs thrown in. And tonight we had some dancehall reggae, just for fun. And singing. I was in a weird mood so I started singing random songs like a crackhead. Which I tend to do a lot, even in public, without knowing it.

Also on the agenda, was a Skype interview with Cris and Alix from The Chaos Radio Show. They want me to make sure people know they are both heterosexual, since I kept asking them gay questions. And badgering them to answer.

-Alix tells a not-for-the-faint-hearted real life anal story.
-Cris explains why he couldn't suck a dick.
-Alix names his top 5 guys after I give him the requisite disclaimer. He gets extra props for having Val Kilmer on the list. Tombstone Val Kilmer, not fruity At First Sight Val Kilmer.
-Cris starts having technical difficulties but not before he lets us know that Bruce Willis is his main man.
-I announce that if some guy wanted to bang my husband in the ass for a million dollars, I would throw Geo at him and be like "You better suck it up for an hour!" (I love you Geo.)

(You have to listen to it, the interview is freaking hysterical.)

Never got a chance to discuss MY Top 5 laminated list of guys, which is always a fun topic since it changes pretty frequently. A good dream will knock someone off my line-up and replace him with someone questionable.

As it stands the list is at... well, them:

(L-R) Jesse L Martin, Julian McMahon, Josh Lucas, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Michael Vartan

Honorable mentions:

Jason Momoa (He's allegedly young but still hot.)
Cillian Murphy (Since he just made an appearance in one of my dreams.)
Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy Patrick Dempsey not Can't Buy Me Love Patrick Dempsey. He and Josh Lucas would be the Sweet Home Alabama threesome.)
Ioan Gruffudd (He and Julian McMahon could be the Fantastic Four threesome. Or Julian McMahon and Jessica Alba.)

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