June 8, 2006

Stolen Sidekick

Courtesy of Lani, this is the funniest damn thing I've seen in awhile. And don't start posting up crap about blah blah the guy is in the military blah blah. He's a fucking disgrace. He's a thief, his underage girlfriend is a thief, her friend is a thief, they're all fucking thieves.

Stolen Sidekick

Some people can't get onto the page so I'll sum up:

Some guy's friend left her Sidekick on a cab. When she bought a new one, it gave her the IM info for the person who had found it and used it. They contacted the person and requested the return of the Sidekick. The girl heretofore known as Thief Girl refused, saying she wasn't returning some white bitch's Sidekick. She then made some threats and was stupid enough to give an address close to her actual residence. Through the wonders of Myspace and the scary internet, the guy was able to pretty much able to pinpoint the thieves' location and let everyone with a modem know what they did.

My two cents:

1. It doesn't fucking matter that the owner and friend are white and the thieves are Spanish. Decades of racism in America doesn't change the fact that the Sidekick is not theirs and they know it.

2. It doesn't matter that Thief Girl is only 17 or whatever. She should return that shit and stop making violent threats.

3. Anyone who has ever had something important stolen, like oh... THREE FUCKING CARS hates thieves and think they are all scumbags who deserve being publicly humiliated. Geo could afford to replace his last stolen car. Does that mean it should be fine for people to steal it, strip it and sell it for parts? If you answered yes, I hope the next time you look for your car in the parking lot it's gone, and the insurance company only pays you 4 grand for it, when you've paid off 9 grand and it's not even a year old. Also, fuck you.

4. It doesn't matter if the owner and friend are well off enough to afford another Sidekick. THE SIDEKICK DOES NOT BELONG TO THE THIEVES AND THEY KNOW IT.

5. It doesn't matter that Thief Girl's Brother/Lover/Both is in the military. He shouldn't be using that to bully and threaten someone who is only trying to recover their property.

6. "Finders keepers" is not a part of our legal system when it comes to purchasing items that might be stolen. And when you buy a Sidekick from a cab driver (as military guy claims, though Thief Girl claims her brother found it in a cab) the bottom line is that it is not theirs.

7. It's annoying that common decency is so unimportant to so many.

8. Anyone who says "They should have just called the police" is pretty naive. The police here can't even catch people who run car theft rings using tow trucks. Think they'll bother trying to find someone who stole a Sidekick?

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