June 15, 2006

Tequila Shots For The Radio: Volume 13

Tequila Shots For The Radio: Volume 13

The show is available for download here, but was a bit of a mess. As usual, I got distracted by the evil, evil people in the chat room, who this time were posting up links to bestiality porn. Which of course I clicked on because I'm an idiot. Which made me completely digress and explore that sickening, disgusting, horrifically interesting topic. Damn them all to Idaho. They don't deserve hell but they at least deserve Idaho. No offense to Idaho, I'm sure you all have great potato dishes and potatoes kick ass. Also, thanks to my stellar decision to combat technical difficulties with tequila... I was buzzed.

The musical theme of the night was "Songs From Official Movie Soundtracks" and included:

"#1 Crush" by Garbage (Romeo and Juliet soundtrack)
"I Want You To Want Me" by Letters To Cleo (10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack)
"Pass The Dutchie" by Modest Youth (The Wedding Singer soundtrack)
"Melt With You" by Bowling For Soup (Sky High soundtrack)
"All I Want Is You" by U2 (Reality Bites soundtrack)
"Baby It's Cold Outside" by Leon Redbone/Zooey Deschanel (Elf soundtrack)
"I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash (Walk The Line soundtrack)
"Ghetto Superstar" by ODB, Pras and Mya (Bulworth soundtrack)
"If You Leave" by OMD (Pretty In Pink soundtrack)
"Scotty Doesn't Know" by Lustra (Eurotrip soundtrack)

And I don't know what else because I was drunk. And got kicked off the air so it stopped recording.

From a phone conversation with Kwame:

Kwam: What are these new phone conversations about, you selling Geo's asshole again.
Me: No. But hey during my interview with Alix and Cris a couple of shows ago, Alix said he could take it from some guy for 20 million but then he'd have to kill him afterwards. Is that a guy thing?
Kwam: Yeah, because it's like that guy owned you.
Me: What the fuck are you talking about, I would be like "You're out 20 million fucking dollars for one hour of sex, I own YOU bitch!"
Kwam: ...... You're good at turning things around.

That's why I worked in public relations! Speaking of which, I'm going to be the official Chaos Radio publicist. I am not even my own publicist. But by "publicist" they really mean "person who will write their blurbs to avoid bloodshed, say the word anal a lot, and think of insane things for them to do on air." Not exactly something I can put on the resume, but hey it kills time.

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