July 19, 2006

Random Things Volume: 98468

Random Things Volume: 98468

1. If I were ever to write a commercial, it would probably be similar to the Geico one where the gecko says "Asking people if they want free rate quotes is like asking them if they want free pie and chips. It's free pie. With chips. For FREE. Now who doesn't want that?" That sounds like me. Except I'd say free pie, chips and hazelnut gelato. Now who doesn't want hazelnut gelato?? And bacon. Oh oh and those little spinach quiches they serve at parties. So my commercial would go something like "Asking people if they want free rate quotes is like asking them if they want free boston creme pie, sour cream and onion chips, hazelnut gelato, bacon and spinach quiche. Who doesn't want that???"

2. I put Batman temporary tattoos on the girls, because they keep asking to see my dragon. But the Batman on Angelina's has no head. I tried to keep it from her (the tattoo is on the top of her arm so it's hard for her to get a clear look at it) but Faith said "Angelina's tattoo no head no head!!" And of course we all then had to look over at the tattoo in question, standing there all caped crusadery and headless.

3. I'm technically supposed to wait until Monday to open my gifts but I already watched the entire season of Firefly that WebKittyn and Gotard got me off my wishlist and just got my grubby little hands on the book Adam sent. Thanks guys!! Although I will of course put up an official thank you post and send out thank you cards.

4. Is it so bad turning 30? People seem to think it's this evil milestone but I don't mind leaving my twenties behind. Not that they were bad or anything but well... don't let the door hit your ass on the way out 20's.

5. Mayor Bloomberg is starting up a campaign to urge NYC's homeless off the streets and into the city shelters/treatment centers. No police will be involved, instead city workers "will make repeated visits to encampments with the goal of relocating people into assistance programs." They're going to whine them into shelters, I love it! What Bloomberg should do is hire an army of Jehova's Witnesses. I've been telling those people that we're Catholic for about four years. Every week. The same people sometimes.

6. Just got an e-mail from my friend Cara, who was taking a class in Bolivia on conflict resolution. Her class was accused by the Bolivian government of being American spies. The local newspaper there printed all of their names and said they were all undercover marines on a mission. Cara's response was that anyone who accuses her of being an undercover marine has obviously never seen her attempt to do a push-up. Hee. I could see Cara saying those exact words in some Bolivian military inquisition. She made it back to NY safe and sound though!

7.Got this from Kontraband.com courtesy of Min.

I am not certain if this site is like youtube.com, so I could be stealing bandwidth. In the online world this apparently ranks me somewhere below murderers and above child molesters.

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