July 29, 2006

Thanks Maaaaan

Thanks Maaaaaan

My first order of business after turning 30 was to perch upon the porcelain throne for a bit. My second order of business, should have been to come on here and thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday gifts but you all know how I lag. Thanks to:

-My mom and dad for all the little green papers with dead presidents on them. Now I won't have to sell Geo for crack anymore. Well, for awhile.
-Geo for the cute little lilac Dooney and Bourke purse
-Tony for the Guitar Hero game and controllers (which he got me back in March or something) and the Green Lantern T-shirt
-Web Kittyn and Gotard for the complete season of Firefly DVD set
-Adam for Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore
-Kwame for Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max
-Abel for The Princess Bride by William Goldman, the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD and the gift certificate to Barnes and Noble
-Mike for the pen and journal and 7 homemade gift certificates for 7 dinners at any restaurants I choose. (Half of me wants to try new places while the other half is screaming "Yes!!! 7 straight nights at The Olive Garden!!! Score!!") And the book I really could have and should have written, with questions like "Would you rather walk around all day with a dead mouse in your butt or a dead frog in your mouth?"
-Steve for the Thundercats season one DVD set.
-Armina for the dinner in the city and gift card to Barnes and Noble.

You all rock! I still plan on sending out thank you cards. You'll probably get them some time in November.

I had originally planned to celebrate my 30th in Atlantic City, but in the end decided what I really wanted to do was have a small dinner party at home, so my kids could be there. Because you know, for some reason casinos don't like shrieking 3-year-olds around their poker tables. So we busted out some lechon kawali (Filipino deep fried pork), lumpia shanghai (Filipino eggrolls), pasta and spinach dip. Add to that some Australians, Malibu rum and punch, a chilled bottle of silver Patron (I cracked open the bottle Tony got me for Christmas) and the hours of Guitar Hero and it was a perfect way to celebrate. I did miss the people who weren't able to make the impromptu party, but it was still a great night. Thanks all!

P.S. - I also want to thank people who made contributions to the Blog-A-Thon. Which by the way, it's not too late to do. The day went well and my midnight-3am radio and blogging shift was insane so I can't even imagine what people who did the full 24-hours must be feeling like right now.

The charity we picked, Unlocking Autism is a grass roots charity that a friend of mine works with closely. So we know that every dollar contributed will actually go to something essential to their cause. You know, for the cynical contributors. Thanks again everyone!

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