January 4, 2007

Other Resolutions

Other Resolutions

(By the way, I do have a mental filter governing the passage between my brain and mouth. Unfortunately it has a doggy door that needs to be nailed shut, because sometimes those critters get out.)

1. Return calls. Return text messages. Return e-mails. Write an actual letter, with a pen and some pretty stationery every so often.

2. Continue to work out and eat healthIER. Avoid let's say, hypothetically, going to Komegashi and ordering the Green Tea Creme Brulee AND hazelnut chocolate and banana crepe thing with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. After having tempura shrimp, salt and pepper squid, fried wings, miso soup and California rolls.

3. Take some sort of lessons. Ideas: Ballroom dancing, French language (I used to be somewhat fluent and now I really have to strain to get the gist of the conversation), fencing, Eskrima, kickboxing, some form of cooking.

4. Write my -- fuck it, I'm not even going to say it. I think if I can just find the discipline (not my strong suit) to sit down for 6 hours a day, I can bang out a decent book in a month. Of course, this would mean ignoring this blog, not taking any phone calls and avoiding all friends except the ones who come over to babysit. February sounds like a promising month for this undertaking.

5. Never be this drunk again:

I have no idea what song we're singing,
but my guess is a Bon Jovi song of some sort.

6. Stop watching the Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Spiderman 3 trailers over and over again. It's interfering with my sit around and pick my butt time.

I'm just kidding about all my resolutions by the way. In reality I only have one resolution, and that's to pass "Misirlou" on Expert. That freaking song. My arm always hurts like a bitch when I play it during the practice mode. It feels like I just gave the population of Greece a hand job. Not that I uh, would know what that feels like. Also, I hate this fucking guy (in a very green with envy for his Guitar Hero prowess way).

I love this one though. Matt Saracen broke through the top 10 of my favorite television characters with a thunder, but Tim Riggins is pretty tasty.

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