February 6, 2007

Super Bowl Weekend Recap

Super Bowl Weekend Recap

Okay so despite the ridiculously random shots we took yesterday (Cuervo, Jaeger, Absolut Peach, Soco), I feel completely fine and it's because the COLTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Naturally it was all due to my lucky Peyton Manning jersey (thanks Stevie) and the fact that I kept rubbing my friend Alex's Chicago sweater for luck, WOOT! I'm still stupidly happy, Kwame said it best a couple of weeks ago when we were discussing their win over New England, it's a bit ridiculous to care so much about a team that isn't even yours. But I am giddy with joy and happy for the Colts.

Anyway, so on Friday I invited my friend Steve over to play. My mom called his mom and assured her that she would indeed, be home. And that she wouldn't feed us junk food for lunch and let us play with matches. Steve rolled in off the train from Manhattan at about 2 or so, and within 5 minutes I had placed a Guitar Hero controller in his hand and we were battling to Cheap Trick's "Surrender." One and a tenth movies later (Maid In Manhattan -- which I took pity on him and removed 15 minutes into the movie "You know how I know you're gay, you like that movie Maid in Manhattan" and Eurotrip) Steve decided to give me a guitar lesson, which ended up being him just playing songs, which then turned into "guitaraoke." Seriously though, guitaraoke rocks!! It's a lot harder than singing along with pre-recorded music, and more fun because for a short while you get to pretend you're an actual musician.

Eventually, Abel showed up with his Nintendo Wii and we (along with Geo) cracked open a bottle of Malibu. First of all, Nintendo Wii is off the fucking hizz-ay. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously though, it's a spankin' good time and I mean that in every sense of the phrase. Second of all, Steve and I need to stop hanging out with each other because we're both idiots who egg each other on. I swear we're 12. By the end of the night we had gotten trashed off Malibu Coconut Rum mixed with V8 (yeah you read that right, V-fucking-8) just for the stupidity of doing it and somehow got into a competition in my front yard to see who could handle wearing the least amount of clothes in 10 degree weather, at 4 in the morning, in Jersey fucking City, while Abel watched us and alternately laughed and shook his head at our idiot antics.

Incidentally, playing Nintendo Wii is more strenuous than half the things people do at the gym. Oh and enough shit talk flew that night to fill eight NBA All-Star Weekends, but it's fucking hysterical when it's coming at you in an Australian accent. At one point we were doing flips in my living room and I did a bridge then tried to turn it into a back-walk-over but needed a spotter. So Steve walks over and freaking flips me over in a full backflip. Apparently, I still landed it.

Malibu and V8, the choice of a new generation. "Wiiiiiiiii!!!"

On Sunday me, Geo, Tony and Abel headed into the city to meet up with Steve, Alex and Alex's friend Alex (dude that's like the Bob Newhart Show "Hi I'm Larry and this is my cousin Daryl and my other cousin Daryll") at Tonic to watch the Super Bowl

Tony finishing off the mini-keg (really, who lets us in public)
and Alex representing the Windy City. Alex is about as far from a
hoodlum as you can get so this picture is actually pretty funny.

We decided to do prairie fires, as in tequila with Tabasco sauce.
And by "we" I mean that I decided for the both of us. Steve's shot
has better presentation though. Or is that liquor feng shui?

Alex is pointing out the infamous Chicago sweater that I kept rubbing
for good Colts luck. Incidentally, that's not a Bears sweater, it's a
University of Chicago sweater, his alma mater. You can't mess with the
God of Sports Paraphernalia, he will shoot your team down.

Abel was rooting for the Bears and Geo was rooting for the Colts. Steve
was dubbed "Switzerland" because he's Australian and halfway through the
first quarter, was still waiting for the soccer players to take the field.

One thing (among many) that cracked me up was this random drunk girl in a Marvin Harrison jersey that kept walking up to Alex and screaming "Go Colts!!!!!!!!" and "The Bears suck!!!!!!!" right in his ear. It was mostly amusing because she was doing it to the other Alex as well and I really, really thought he was going to throw an elbow. And by "thought" I meant "hoped" because that would have been even funnier.


Me: Did you throw that football that just went behind the bar?
Steve: Yeah but it went through Alex's fingers. It was a perfect spiral.
Me: Oh, that's okay then.

Also also...

Never drink Tabasco sauce out of the bottle just because your friends Alex and Steve are doing it. This may seem like a basic instruction to life, along with "Always flush the toilet" and "Wash your hands after you use the bathroom" but apparently there are some people that don't understand this. Especially don't battle your friends, counting seconds VERY slowly, to see who can down it the longest. Especially don't plan to do it again one day, because your friend Steve thinks he blew your ass out of the water with his Tabasco-guzzling time, when in fact you know he lost it harder than a cheerleader on prom night.

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