April 11, 2007

24: Season Six Hour 16 (I Think)

24: Season Six Hour 16 (I Think)

Yes, the pics are coming. Last night I re-sized at least 120, but there are more PLUS they need captions. I'll toss up two posts today though, since I've got like 30 in the queue sitting there and only about 4 people give a crap about 24 (the greatest show ever by the way.)

1. Whoa President Wayne with the nuclear missile bluff. Of course he let it get all the way to one minute to impact, it wasn't armed. Incidentally, has it been said what country they are threatening? I haven't been able to catch it and kind of just prayed to Our Lady of Assumption that it was Saudia Arabia or Iran.

2. I need a Jack Bauer shirt that says "Trust me, I haven't begun to enjoy myself" and him holding up a hacksaw. Or wire cutters. Or a grape.

3. Agent Ricky is about as scary as getting a run in your pantyhose.

4. Tom Lennox aka John Cage rocks, seriously rocks. It takes balls to man up and say you were wrong, especially to the guy you wronged and he ended up in a coma.

5. CTU's bluff in letting Fayed escape was pretty hot. I know I was bitching about the stupidity of letting only two agents escort him back to CTU when Jack and Agent Ricky sat back up. I didn't even freak about Jack getting shot, the guy can handle one bullet. Twenty bullets and I would have started to worry.

6. I thought they were going to pull the fake internet video thing they pulled in Season 2, when President Wayne told them to threaten the General's family. Seriously though, even the television viewing audience picked up on the code word.

7. Milo aka Pubes is killing me. Talk about major stupidity or cojones the size of New Mexico. Two hours ago you accused Nadia of being a traitor to her country, after she had been partially tortured. Guess what, I think that Ship of Poon has sailed. There's no point in busting out with the jealousy to protect ass you will never get. It should tell you something that she's nicer to the guy who tortured her than you.

8. Karen Karen Karen. "Are you feeling alright?" In my head, President Wayne replied "Well I did get blown up a few hours ago so I am a tad under the weather." She really is (as Kwame says so often) that annoying chick that you put up with because she's dating your boy.

9. I love the hanging underneath the car ploy, even if it is unrealistic. Then again, I never care about realism, only the entertainment value of things.

10. How can anyone not love a television character that can incapacitate a man in two seconds, shoot a bunch of terrorists then take out the last one while saying "Say hello to your brother." Beautiful. The writers are really toying with the shark jumping line though, with this whole Audrey and the Chinese government story. The greatest television character ever shouldn't be risking his life and everything good he's ever done for his country on questionable ass.

Kwame's 24 Thoughts

1. It was good to get more Jack. The last fight with Fayed was good even though it was a little forced. Also, they dragged the whole "suitcase nukes" story out then rushed to end it the last 2 hours. I did like when Jack hangs Fayed and says "Say hi to your brother."

2. The "fake rescue" gets points for being somewhat new. The execution of it was kind of lame, but good effort by the writers.

3. How many times can they use the "we lost them in the tunnel" scenario? And I know the CTU agents are inept, but one terrorist kills 3 agents in the back of a truck? Come on now.

4. While I called it, I wasn't proud of the "fake nuclear strike". Just shows how predictable they are getting. And really all plots twist involving Wayne are boring. The only interesting character in the White House is Tom.

5. Enough with Milo/Ricky/Nadia. Milo is a disgrace to men everywhere. I think all men have been a little "pre-whipped" over some chick but Milo is just breaking all sorts of whipped records. Doug Christie would be ashamed of this guy. (Ed's note: I am dying over "pre-whipped" it makes you guys sound like creamy potatoes. Damn, now I'm hungry. Also, word. Doug Christie would hand this guy a "Milo" jersey.)

6. It's really too bad The Nine did poorly or we wouldn't have to deal with Audrey. And really, at this point can't the Chinese just call the White House and say "We know Jack is alive, give him back to us?" At the same time, Audrey is the daughter of the Secretary of Defense and had access to all sorts of classified info, you mean to tell me that the White House doesn't know where she is at all times?

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