April 19, 2007



I've been very meh lately. It seems to be a fairly prevalent phenomenon as others I've spoken to have likewise been meh and then my meh grows because I feed off people. Not literally though, because then that would be gross. Cannibalism is so 1300's. My meh also feeds the Procrastination Demon and as a result, I'm behind on a jillion things I've proclaimed to do (cleaning my breakfast room, tossing up the Oz pics post, uploading more video, learning more songs on the guitar, calling up people, writing more chapters.) It's made me supremely present to the fact that meh is a pretty strong emotion for something which literally means "I don't care I don't care I don't care who cares." So I've decided to shake myself free of the meh and start being excited again. But where to draw inspiration?

Abel just got his ticket to the Philippines for the end of May, it's the first time he'll be back there since he left as a small child. He's a struggling student but managed to work it out because it was important to him. His visit is a surprise for his aunt, who helped raise him as a kid and hasn't seen him in 20 years.

Mike will be realizing a lifelong dream this May and entering the Police Academy in Pennsylvania. To do this, he is giving up a very lucrative job in NYC and selling his house in Bergen County, in order to enter a field in which he can serve and protect other people. It's amazing.

Tony is in a different state every month. He has fun and is open to random things, regardless of how reasonable they are. He's even open to going to Hawaii with his ex-girlfriend for a few days, so she can attend her other ex-boyfriend's wedding (Still looking at last-minute fares T, hoping Site59 can work some magic.)

Kwame and Kesha are learning the joys of new parenthood. He told me the other day that it was humbling and awe-inspiring to think of how much he loved these two people at the center of his world.

Our Aussie Connection travels everywhere. They celebrate birthdays in Greece, party in Brazil and I swear I've seen a picture of Maz and Rhands on a camel heading towards some pyramids. Steve spent 3 weeks in the Tibet area with a change of underwear, his toothbrush and a towel. Ray and Matt are planning a destination wedding in Spain after they move to New York, and half of the group is spread out all over the world for work before they eventually move back to Sydney.

Lani, who has already written an entire novel and sold it, is also embarking on a new journey that I'm not allowed to specify. But I know it's going to be wonderful because she is.

Janelle, is a freaking warrior princess. If you ask ME to deliver a 9 lb baby without anesthesia, then get up and take care of it a day later I might just run for the hills. Also, she didn't knock out her husband when directly after pushing her new son out, he joked "So when are we gonna have another one?"

Okay, I'm good now. No more meh!

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