May 21, 2007

Cross Swords

Cross Swords

I am too lazy to write a post. So here is some chat.

Stevie: Ray is confused
Riss: I told Steve he'll be going to so many gay places with you that he'll become "a regular." And that eventually no one will believe he's straight, because he's "a regular."
Ray: Aaahhh
G: What's the diff? No one believes it now.
Riss: And then they will want to help him out of the closet with roofies
Ray: I already told Prinz and Sarah we're gonna hit up Gym this week
Ray: To you NBA
Ray: *looks around awkwardly*

(Editor's note: Is that like watching Radar? "I always drink coffee when I watch Radar, you know that!")

Riss: And um, shoot pool. And flex.
Stevie: Haha funny
Riss: Steve is like "What? Flexing? I'm in!!"
Stevie: Hey seriously though, Gym isn't too bad. It's like a frat party with no girls, and the guys are just really really friendly.
Riss: Yeah Gym is cool, it's like a frat party with no girls and guys that like to hug Steve
Riss: in the ass
G: I'm so shaking my head
Ray: hahaha
Stevie: ok no wait
Ray: frats like to play 'sword fights' don't they?
Ray: It's like a frat party and it's always initiation week
Stevie: not sword fights 'per se'
Riss: I so forgot that Stevie story
Ray: hahaha
Ray: potato, potato
Riss: potayto potahto
Riss: G, Steve played "crossed swords" with his cousin last year... in the shower
Ray: They touched penii... before kissing
Stevie: I did not!! And it's actually "penises" like "mastodonic, gargantuan penises"
G: And you're trying to convince me he's not gay? puuuhhhh leeeez
Riss: Yeah okay a few years ago, when you were "6 and twenty"
G: I bet he enjoyed that cross sword game
Ray: He invented it
Stevie: I was 6!
Riss: (and twenty)
Stevie: Like the sunday times cross sword puzzle?
Ray: I'm gonna create a wikipedia entry and put Steve's picture
Riss: One of my friends didn't stop showering with his mom until he was like 11. When he told us that story I laughed so hard I peed a little.
Ray: "Cross Sword : Game invented by Stevie D. Best played with cousin of same sex. Good between ages of 6 (and twenty) til now"
Riss: ahhaahha yes! I am going to add it to Urban Dictionary RIGHT NOW
Stevie: *sigh*
Stevie: no don't
Stevie: stop
G: which picture are you using?
Stevie: please
Ray: well since the story takes place in a shower...
Ray: there's always this one of him in the shower
Stevie: NOOOOOoooooooo
Ray: HAHAHAHA fuck
Ray: we both just LOL'ed
Ray: and i have a headache now

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