May 24, 2007



Are you guys bored today? Good. Do me a favor and go to THIS SITE RIGHT HERE and vote for my boy Rhandy's start-up. It's called Tangler. Thanks man!

I'll toss up a real post sometime today. Right now all I would be writing is how beautiful the inside of my toilet bowl looks from close-up. As many of you know, me and well liquor (that cheap shit crappy bars serve in place of top shelf liquor) always strengthens my relationship with my toilet bowl. We have had quite a few heart-to-hearts courtesy of well liquor. Apparently, the cheap shitty wine crappy bars serve in place of decent wine also serves as a purgative. Note to self. Also apparently, The Golden Rule ("Thou shalt get trashed on the first night Ray is in town and then not so much after") also holds for Prinz and Cha. So maybe it's not a Riss and Ray rule "per se" *lobster claws* but rather a Riss and Australian people rule. I would say it could just be a Riss and people rule but it mainly happens with the Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oys. Seriously, I'm not still drunk.

Okay here are some random things on my mind:

1. I want to start calling everyone "dollface." I don't know why but it's a pretty strong urge.

2. It's damn hot. I'm freaking sweating for God's sake.

3. Did they find that British girl that went missing in Portugal? Yeah yeah, thousands of kids go missing that don't get the same treatment etc, but it doesn't mean we can't be sad about this one. I think it struck a note with me especially since it's another twin mom and her missing daughter is the same age as my girls.

4. Chef Boyardee tastes like what a construction worker after he's worked 7 consecutive days in 90-degree weather without bathing, after having sex with eight different prostitutes, all named Jezebel's ass must taste like. I'm still eating it though.

5. Okay someone's at the door. I'm back, it was Abel. Wearing a shirt that randomly has a grenade on it. Not to be confused with grenadine. This post still doesn't make sense does it? I swear I'm sober.

6. This "quiz" is the stupidest quiz ever which is what makes it the greatest. I love it so much.

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