May 9, 2007

The Green Box

The Green Box

There's lots of crazy shit going on right now, so I haven't had the time or wherewithal to blog. But this story is a bit too freaky not to toss up. Yesterday I was talking to one of my three-year-olds Angelina and in the middle of our conversation, she suddenly gets quiet and stuffs her face into the space between my shoulder and the floor and refuses to look up. So I try to pick her up but she won't move. I keep asking her what's wrong and she won't move or speak, she just has her face scrunched up and her eyes shut.

Just on a hunch, I looked up at Faith who was sitting on the couch and asked her what was wrong with Angelina. Faith thinks for a long moment then says "She's scared." And I say "What, Angelina are you scared?" And she doesn't answer or look up. So I ask Faith what Angelina was scared of and she doesn't immediately answer. I keep asking and she concentrates for a long while on the back of Angelina's head (I didn't know this, Steve just told me) and finally says "She's scared of the green box." I'm like what, that makes no sense. Angelina didn't even glance at the box once while we were talking. So I ask Angelina and she doesn't answer or look up. I turned back to Faith and said rather skeptically, "She's scared of the green box?" And Faith says "Yes Mommy, she's scared of the green box. The one with the animals. Look, I'll show you."

She gets up and walks over to this Timberland box by Geo's drum set, which is filled with The Littlest Pet Shop toys and says "See? She's scared of the green box." So I asked Steve to relocate the green box and he puts it in the other room. The moment he's gone with it I say to Angelina "Okay the green box is gone" and Angelina rolls over and looks up at me and within a minute is happy again. We kind of got chills, trying to figure out how Faithie knew what was upsetting her sister without them even looking at each other. Steve joked "Um Faithie, can you speak to Angelina with your mind" but she just looked at him blankly. Tony figured that since the bond between twins is often strong, that maybe Faithie could sense what Angelina was feeling and what it was directed towards. Freaky little kiddos.

I guess this is as good a place to put it as any but I cracked open an egg a few weeks ago and it was twins. Bleh. Neat but gross really, being that when I was pregnant I had a huge aversion to eggs because they were fried hen fetuses. Identical twins come from the same egg and fraternal twins come from two separate ones. If the egg splits in the first 12 days after conception then you get identical twins, after that they are Siamese twins. So a matter of days is what kept Angelina and Faithie from being conjoined. Crazy huh.

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