January 9, 2002

My Html Lessons

My Html Lessons

So my friend Paul is teaching me html. It's a messy job but someone's got to do it and he's very brave. But not very patient. I think he came close a few times today to strangling me with my mouse cord. You guys heard it here first if I am mysteriously found in Hudson County somewhere with computer accessories wrapped around my neck. Okay, he's probably very patient but I'm just an idiot.

Here is my first html attempt

It's funny as hell...I removed the 2-Pac midi file which sounded like hip-hop as played by accordians.
To save time I'll just answer your questions now:

1. Yes, I obviously didn't get much work done today

2. Yes, the e-mail address I have on that page is legitimate

3. Yes, I am planning a complete redesign of my other site

4. (And for you ladies) Yes, Paul is single. (Not really)

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