January 8, 2002

Nostalgic Commercials

Nostalgic Commercials

Today is yet another Official Day of Mourning, this time for Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's. I have to give him a posthumous shoutout because I've been watching his commercials for over a decade and they've never once annoyed me. And you guys know me, so that's saying a whole lot. Incidentally, if I have to watch another "Give a little bit" Gap commercial someone will have to write a posthumous shoutout for ME, because I will hang myself from the ceiling of my bathroom. So in honor of Dave, today's post will (partly) discuss good commercials and commercials that bring back memories. For you L.A. people a good example of the latter would be "Pete Ellis, Long Beach Freeway, Firestone Exit, Southgate." If I knew html I'd find a way to insert a bouncing ball.

Some others I remember are the Bain de Soleil commercials with the cute mother and daughter in matching hairstyles and bathing suits (which I found out a year ago was my best friend Lani), the Michael Jordan coke commercials, Max Headroom and of course "Mom, can I ask you a personal question?" (springtime fresh). Some of the more recent good commercials are the Volkswagen ones (especially the da-da-da one with the guys and the smelly armchair), the "Got Milk" ones (Aaron Burr and the guy in hell) and last year's Gap commercials (with "Unbelievable" and "Just Can't Get Enough" and of course "Ice Ice Baby").

I also really liked that Concorde commercial which Chrysler changed like a bunch of pussies because of the moral backlash..."So Mom, how did SHE get the name Concorde??" *moment of silence and then as comprehension dawns* "Oh gross."

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