February 4, 2002

Boston Public

Boston Public

So tonight they had the Columbine episode of Boston Public which looked fairly promising but was actually a disappointment because they had too many other things going on in the episode. Everytime I watch this show I always come away with a vaguely digruntled feeling that my teachers never looked like the ones on the show. Harry Senate is pretty damn cute. And in my school, students weren't even allowed to wear mid-riff tops so I don't know how the wardrobing people for Boston Public are dressing their teachers that way. Actually yes I do, ratings ratings ratings!!

A few more notes on Boston Public which I admit I've enjoyed since the day it aired:

1. Thank God they've-- okay, thank the writers they've minimized that one blond teacher's role in the show. Last season the entire show revolved around her and she was as annoying as Ally Mc"Needs-a-good-lay"Beal. Also, thank the writers that they finally got rid of whiny ass Milton Buttle and his prepubescent girlfriend. That storyline was so dumb I wanted to beat myself to death with the remote.

2. They need to decide whether Scott Gruber is a good person or a bad one. If he's a good person then they should keep doing more things like giving him that special award from the students at the end of the first season. If he's a bad person, they need to keep him with his current girlfriend, the psychotic Hook Lady who always makes you feel like checking the hallway closets and underneath the beds. Anyway, they need to spit or swallow but they can't do both.

3. Michael Rapaport and Jeri Ryan were great additions to the show, their characters have depth that many of the other characters will never be able to acquire because the writers are trying to do too many things with them. The storyline concerning Rapaport and that one student people thought he was banging was dumb though. They've already beaten that topic to dead horse proportions with both Harry Senate and Milton Buttle.

4. David Kelley needs to stop with the mini-musical shows. It's a fucking TV show not Les Miserables. Can we please get one show where everyone and the janitor doesn't sing an a capella rendition of "These Boots Were Made For Walking?" It's like he always starts out with a really good show, makes great character decisions and solid casting...then fucks it up so he can start another show. Look at Ally McBeal...that show started off damn good. It got even better when they added Portia de Rossi and Lucy Liu. But then Billy left (after they turned his character into a complete moron)...then one by one other people trickled out...and they tried to bring in Anne Heche to fix it but that's like bringing in snow to warm a cold room... and then they made the monumental error of bringing in the other chic to play a "younger Ally" (Pop quiz: What's more annoying than one ultra-girly, self-centered, whiny, high-maintenance chic? TWO ultra-girly, self-centered, whiny, high-maintenance chics.)

Anyway that show seems to be beyond redemption...they took a great cast with solid storylines and turned it into one hour alternating between Ally's whining ("Oh no I'm a rich white girl who's been given everything in life but keeps throwing it away because I'm an idiot....what do I do??") and the cast-turned-chorus/Vonda Shepard's annoying renditions of every song imaginable. I didn't think the show could get worse but as I watched it yesterday (it was on right after Boston Public and I forgot to change the channel...don't you hate it when that fucking happens??) I heard some new chic singing the Brady Bunch theme in Vonda Shepard fashion...they should just rename the show Titanic.

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