April 17, 2002

Gaydars and MASH

Gaydars and MASH

Allan, Kuen and Tony are certainly making this day go by faster as they fire off e-mails at light speed, questioning each other's sexual preference. Personally I don't see why guys are constantly trying to emphasize their heterosexuality. My friend called me last night to tell me that some guy he is on a newsgroup with, e-mailed him to ask if he could call him. My friend was like "I thought I might have somehow set his GAYdar off through e-mail." Hahaha funny as hell... I should have responded "Well did you ever ask him if you could suck his dick? Because that might set the GAYdar off a bit." But somehow I don't think he would have appreciated it. Guys are sooooo touchy about this shit.

Guys are SO touchy about this shit that I bet if one of my guy friends got pulled over doing 140 in a 25 (with an open bottle of tequila in the car, a broken tail light and a blood alcohol content of 1.3) by a gay cop who found him attractive... he STILL wouldn't flirt a bit to get out of the ticket. My friend Eugen once broke a guy's nose who grabbed his ass in a deli line. Good Lord those Croatians are feisty.

Website of the Day: M.A.S.H. <--- That game girls used to play in elementary school. Hell, me and Lani still play it all the time. The rules are you get to choose 2 and the other person gets to choose 2 so the results always end up like "You and your husband Carrot Top live in a hot pink mansion in Compton, with your 37 kids and pet fruit fly. You are a CEO and he is a cashier at McDonalds. You drive a silver Le Car." Actually wait that's a lie. Her husband wouldn't ever be Carrot Top because we recently decided that the Husband category is off limits to fuck with.

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