April 18, 2002

Nothing, Nothing and More Nothing

Nothing, Nothing and More Nothing

My cousin thinks Paul looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. I agreed with her but I didn't know just how on point she was. Today he sends me the link to the website he created last night, for his crew team at Rutgers. I looked in the photos section and it looks like a fucking Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. Everyone's All-American and wet and sporty and having a great time. It makes my college pictures look ghetto... "And here's Rose puking at San Jose Live" and "Here's Noreleen in the cage at Kamikaze." Anyway I told Paul he needs to tell his store to stop demeaning my peoples. Check the shirts out. I don't know what fucking drug the A&F people were smoking when they thought "Asians would like this" but it must be some good ass shit. The Buddha one is borderline but the Chinese laundrymen one is downright insulting. I'm a little tired of the fact that Mainstream America knows it's wrong to make racial jokes about Latin, black or Native American people but Asians are fair game. Abercrombie would NEVER have thought it was okay to put out a shirt with two slaves and a plow on it with the slogan "WE BE PICKIN COTTON." Why the fuck would they think it's okay to put out this Charlie Chan shit? They might as well have put out a shirt with some chinky-looking people on it and the words "WE BUILD YOU RAILROAD."

Damn yo, I went off again. What is with me lately. Oh shut up, I know what you all were thinking "It's that time of the month." Blow me.

I better start talking about happy things or this weblog is going to start resembling my gripelist, which I haven't updated since the inception of this journal.

So a couple of my friends and I are going to some Harley-Davidson biker bar on Saturday night, to see the guys downstairs play. I'm not certain what the proper attire would be. Do I own black leather pants and leather bracelets with spikes on them? Maybe I can rock denim. I should probably wear jeans and boots in case we get into a fight. Or do I watch too many movies?? It's pretty funny that the guys are playing there. When I hear the words "biker bar" I think Iron Maiden, Metallica and Anthrax. But the guys play more ska/funk-type stuff. They have a song called "Underpants." This should be interesting.

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