April 23, 2002



So my blogs have been boring the hell out of me lately. I have zero inspiration and yet continue to write bullshit. I'm like that person that talks during meetings for the sake of talking. "I'm not married to the idea of re-designing the interactive banner ads, but the earlier example given is not an apples to apples comparison." Bleeeeeeeeh. I think the plethora of morbid thoughts that are currently running rampant through my head is stymieing my creativity. As a result, I'm so fucking busy trying to think about things that aren't absolutely depressing, that I'm not being very picky about the thoughts that I decide to retain. Anyway moving right along...

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture of Christie Kerr kissing the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge?? By the way everyone, I hate to state the obvious but for you losers who lack internet common sense... all the colored bold print words are LINKS!! Anyway Dale brought this to my attention and I'm glad he did because could it be any more obvious that this trophy was designed by the same men who draw female comic book characters?? "And now, here to present winner Christie Kerr with THOR, The Championship "Trophy"..... Ron Jeremy!!!"

Oooooh the Justice League DVD comes out today. Hooray!! I love this cartoon. It almost redeems my faith in modern cartoon-making. Bad Ass Justice League Pic 1... Bad Ass Justice League Pic 2...Bad Ass Justice League Pic 3.

I think my Top 5 "modern" cartoons are:

1. Justice League
2. Batman Beyond
3. Pinky and The Brain
4. The Animaniacs
5. Sponge Bob Square Pants

If the question was Top 5 of all time I would run into difficulty because my answers would change from week to week. Transformers, Justice League and Pinky and The Brain would be etched in stone but the other two spots would switch between the Thundercats, Animaniacs, Batman Beyond, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Smurfs, old Tom and Jerry, old Bugs Bunny, Voltron (lions though) and G.I. Joe. Kwame is like the police... sometimes when I write I think "Fuck...I know I'm forgetting something and Kwame is going to point it out." Anyway, Robotech should also be on the latter list. It's not on my all-time top 5 permanently because I wasn't able to reach into the TV and bitchslap Minmei at will. She was so damn girly yo.

Damn I just dropped 80 bucks for DVDs on Amazon.com -- but it was well worth it though. I bought Batman Beyond: The Joker Returns, Transformers: The Complete First Season and the new Justice League DVD. I need professional help. There was this gallery at the Garden State Mall that knows an artist who sells paintings of the Justice League. They're 7-feet long, 2 1/2-feet tall and $1400. If I had that money in my bank account who knows what idiocy might have taken place. How about for my birthday this July, each of you guys give me $20?? I only need 70 people and there's 100 on my cell phone. Expect a call on July 24th!!

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