May 30, 2002

Addendum Because I Need Something To Do For 30 Minutes

Addendum Because I Need Something To Do For 30 Minutes

I just read this in one of the articles about the Miss Universe pageant: "China, the world's most populous nation, had never sent a contestant to the glitzy pageant before." See???? I TOLD you it was a political decision. Someone give me a cookie. Can't we even check out beautiful women without it becoming a global issue?? Miss Russia is not only a university lecturer and law student, she's also a police lieutenant. I'm in love.

Anyway I just got told by the CMO of the company that bought mine that I'm out of here as soon as the deal closes, "sometime between July 17th and August 1st or beyond." Nice. This is like being executed by means of Chinese water torture. Oh well, as long as the paychecks keep coming and I get my severance I couldn't care less how long it takes. Hmm... today has not been a good day. I found out when my layoff date was AND when I'm getting kicked out of the apartment I love. Does anyone want to come over and kick the shit out of me?? Maybe burn my eyelashes off? Stab me repeatedly with hot needles?? Just wondering. I'm going to miss the guys downstairs (Spoon, Mike, Carlton and Steve). They're awesome.


Okay courtesy of Conan O' Brien through Mike the Firefighter, this is the funniest thing I've seen in months. <--------- WATCH THIS!!! It's Triumph at the Star Wars Episode 2 premiere.

My balcony decorations are still up. Yes I realize that Christmas and Halloween are long past.