May 15, 2002

Buffy and Stuff

Buffy and Stuff

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the bomb last night. Lani: STOP reading right now. I don't want you to have a seizure. Lani hates on Sarah Michelle Gellar because they were in high school together and Lani says she's witchy. I think the dislike bubbled however when the chick started going out with Lani's boy Freddie Prinze Jr, who I personally think is a latent homosexual anyway. Sarah Michelle is just a cover. Moving right along, last night's Buffy episode had me riveted. I was freaking out the whole time. Willow the Good Witch Scooby was boring as hell but Willow the Vengeful Witch From Hell Who Won't Stop Until Everyone Is Dead is awesome!! My only issue with the show right now is that they need to start showing more of Spike. And when he comes back from Africa after removing the "Good Spike" chip in his head, I hope he beats the shit out of Buffy for the way she treated him. Slut. You know he banged her better than boring old Angel or gay ass Riley. Unappreciative tramp.

This morning I was in my Thinking Place (also known as "the shower") and I was remembering that old Hans Christen Andersen fairy tale about the little girl who wanted red boots more than anything else. One day she finds red boots at someone's house or whatever and steals them. For awhile she traipses all over town looking cute and all but then the boots become evil and take over her body. In the end she has to cut her feet off or something to remove the demonic boots. The moral of the story is supposed to preach against the First Deadly Sin (Pride or Vanity) but all I took away from the story was "That's what she gets. Why is she wearing other peoples' shoes???"

Quote of the Day: "Pipercic knows what kind of pants men wear....wait that came out all wrong." -- MPip on um, MPip.

I'd say "I'm still blogging" but I don't know if you all will believe me. I'm like the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. I AM still blogging though, I just need to catch up on the news so I can inform you all of the important events going on in this world, like rugby players who finger the anuses of their opponents. Speaking of which, did he do this to stop a scorer who was en route to the goal? Or did he do it while defending peripheral players? Because if it was the former then maybe he should also get a team award of some sort because I assume it effectively prevented the other guy from scoring.

I am so fricken hungry. Like starving hungry. I am so hungry I've spent the last half hour in the "Food and Recipes" section of the message board I'm always on. My last post (regarding Rianne's "Cream Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Roll"):

"Oh my god this dish sounds so good. No I mean really. Like stab-the-person-next-to-you-so-you-can-have-their-food GOOD. I AM SO HUNGRY. WHY AM I TORMENTING MYSELF."

Okay I need to distract myself from thinking about food. Let's go on the message board and pick a random topic to discuss. "Favorite colognes...." Aud says "Real men wear Brut by Faberge." HAHAHA....wait. I like Brut. Oh never mind it's "Old Spice" that I like. Okay not really. When I was a kid I saved up my money to buy my Dad a special Christmas gift. I must have been around 6 so of course I didn't really understand the concept of designer cologne. Anyway I saved up $9 (which back then to me was an enormous amount of money) and went to the drug store down the street and got my Dad a bottle of "Chaps by Ralph Lauren." When he opened it on Christmas Day he acted like it was a bottle of Chanel for Men and he wore it every day until it ran out. That's the love of a parent for you... only Moms and Dads are willing AND more than happy to wear cheap cologne that smells horrible every day, simply because their child gave it to them.

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