May 1, 2002

Wednesday Stuff

Wednesday Stuff

Yesterday after work I was really cranky for no apparent reason. PMS? Disenchantment? General Psychosis? Who knows. But then I looked up and saw this enormous rainbow... it almost looked solid and the entire arc was visible over the buildings in Newport. After that I wasn't cranky anymore... how can you be.

My Anti-Gripelist: 5 Things That Never Fail To Put Me In A Good Mood

1. Light rain when the sun is still out. There's something surreal about it. In the Philippines the sky sometimes turns bright purple and orange and then it rains.
2. The smell at a barbeque... food and summer.
3. Being on the deck of a boat on a beautiful day. It always reminds me of the times when I was young and my mom's office used to have annual company trips. We went skiing in Mammoth, horseback riding in Big Bear, hiking in Anza Borrego, jet-skiing in Lake Tahoe and camping in Lake Mead. But my absolute favorite trips were when we went houseboating on Lake Havasu and Lake Isabella. My best friend's mom worked for the same company as mine so her family was always on the trips too and we always had so much fun. The best was jumping off the houseboats into the water or the nights me, Jess and her brothers Mike and Johnny would sleep on top of the houseboat under the stars.
4. Bubble baths. Not just Mr. Bubble and the tap running, but the full-fledged production. Candles in dark glass, eucalyptus oil in the water with cucumber melon bubble bath, classical music playing softly, smokes and a chilled Beaujolais.
5. Funky-colored flowers... orange tulips, blue daisies, lavender roses, green orchids...etc.

Okay enough sunshine and roses, I'm making myself sick and it's almost time for lunch. I was browsing around on the message board this morning and I saw some weird shit.

It's a fricken pink Hello Kitty gun. Apparently, Sanrio just received a huge order of these to be delivered to the Gaza Strip. What better way to motivate your shy little 6-year old Palestinian girl to kill Israelis when she grows up than with her very own Hello Kitty Hi Capacity .45 gun!!

MPip and I want to start a satire website similar to but with less cheese and more BlackHaus. Any ideas for a name? I suggested which would effectively generate publicity I think. MPip likes or think we should go with or Oh well, let me know if you guys think of anything. You guys have been unnaturally silent the past few days....are you guys scheming?? Man, lurkers freak me out. You know they're there but they don't say anything. Okay I'm over it. Any independently wealthy people or lottery winners reading this? MPip and I could use a little subsidization for our venture and my friends are all poor.