June 6, 2002


Supposedly they cast Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner as comic book characters Daredevil and Elektra, in the upcoming movie Daredevil. You have GOT to be kidding me. The Ben Affleck selection I disagree with a bit, but not as much as Middle America girl Jennifer Garner as Elektra of all people. Just because she played a not-very-believable assasin in Alias?? They need to slow this comic book to movie thing down before they saturate the entertainment world with horrible Marvel movies. Probably starting with this one.

So Doug Christie of the Kings is apparently as pussy-whipped as they come. I'm still recovering from one wedding I had in 1999. I can't imagine having one annually. I swear to God people scare me sometimes. The Christies are scarier to me than axe-murderers (people who murder axes).

Actually you know what's scary? This one post office near me is apparently a "Nuclear Fallout Shelter." I walk by this place at least twice a week and I never saw the sign posted on the outside until yesterday. At least now I know where to go. I wonder what they have in there in terms of supplies. You figure that people who have nuclear fallout shelters expect to emerge as one of the few people left to rebuild the human world and race. So do they have food, water and blueprints in there? A sample of the polio vaccine? A miniature chemistry lab? Medical books?? History books?? Doubtful. They probably have two blankets and a can of spam. No birth control though. It's up to them to re-populate the world.

Today's idiotic tidbits of news:
Bill Clinton recently got another dog. Isn't there some sort of law that if your first dog died because you were a negligent ass fuck that you're not allowed another for at least 5 years? Why am I not even surprised that the correct thing to do here apparently is to replace the dog your idiocy killed with another one that looks exactly like it? Easy. Simple. Effective. Just like abortion. Killed your first 5 babies because you were scared to face the music after having unprotected sex eight billion times? It's okay. Just carry one full term sometime during the next nine pregnancies and you'll be absolved.

Speaking of morality, I really like this new Eminem song. It is so catchy!!

Does anyone else think it's really funny that R Kelly has been indicted on teen pornogrpahy charges?? I swear to God how dumb are some people. Note to R Kelly and Rob Lowe: "If you're going to have sex with a 14-year old, DON'T VIDEOTAPE IT. That's often referred to as 'Evidence.'"

How weird is this... I read this article at the same time the song "I Wanna Be Sedated" came on my playlist.... *Twilight Zone Theme* Did anyone ever watch that show "Friday The 13th" that came on Saturday mornings about 10 years ago?? It was about a guy, a girl and some old man who ran an antique shop. Their mission in life was to track down these evil Satanic objects and lock them in this vault. The objects were created by the devil and dispersed throughout mankind and it was their job to track them down. Like one item was a makeup compact that wiped away wrinkles and blemishes when you used it. Another was a pocketwatch that stopped time. But in order for the person to use them to that ends, they had to keep killing people to make it happy. Weird huh? But the show was so good...

I think it's time to go home. I've done enough web surfing for today. My boss was asking me what I do during the downtime because he's running out of crap to do. I told him that I think I've been on every website on the information superhighway. I've like been to exit 939B and had to turn around and pass all the other exits again.

Best e-mail exchange today:
Kaan: "Question for the ladies: How bad is it to break up with a girl via e-mail?"
Riss: "Depends how far she is. If she's in the same city then it's bad. If she's not then it's NOT AS BAD but you really should do it over the phone you fucking pussy."
MPip: "He should do it with one of those letters made up of letters of varying sizes cut out of newspapers and magazines."

Hahahahahaha.... oh man that would be funny... like a ransom note of sorts, but without the small child's ear. "i Am BreAKiNG uP WiTH YoU, SLuT."

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