July 16, 2002

Wednesday Thoughts

Wednesday Thoughts

This morning on my way to work I passed a store with a hand-printed sign in the front that said "Help wanted: Mature and responsible person only." Only in the ghetto and places like Pine Bluff, Iowa, do employers feel the need to specify that they're not looking for lazy, irresponsible thieves to work in their stores.

Also on the way to work, I passed a daycare center that had a yard with ONE little plastic slide and a whole lot of rocks. I don't know who would want their kids to spend hours at a facility that can only offer them rocks to play with. Talk about setting your kid up to get used to prison. Who would be happy to send their kids off to go play with some rocks? Maybe Mike's ex (India) who screamed at him because he found some gravel in his pocket and tossed it onto the sidewalk. She said those tiny rocks had tiny lives and tiny souls and they most certainly didn't want to be left there on the sidewalk, miles away from whence they came. I think the word you're looking for is "Whaaaaaahuuuh?" I told Mike he was an idiot anyway. He was all but given a "WARNING: Complete psycho about to enter the room" flashing neon sign. Whoever heard of a half Cuban half Native American chic named India?? There are a few simple tips men could follow to protect themselves from too much drama. Number one is, never get involved with anyone named after a country, continent, jewel, obscure flower or pet's name. Of course, this mean's you'll never date a stripper so there is some thing of a trade off.

Quote of the Day: MPip on the amenities enjoyed by our overblown tech department: "They have a shower and some bunkbeds up there. It's like a dorm... but without the sex. Like a geek dorm." Mike should grab himself a hand puppet and team up with Triumph, the insult comic dog.


Okay, I have to go home because George just locked himself out of the house. I'll have to continue this later.

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