August 15, 2002


I can't even believe this exists. Sometimes I really do wonder about our society's fascination with idiots. And our love affair with criminals. This guy raped, sodomized and robbed a teenage girl on her front lawn and all he gets is 15 years. Meaning he'll probably be out in 10. Nice. Good to know that he'll be out there raping women again in 10 years. They didn't show a picture of him but hopefully he's not very big and has a cute butt. Then he'd definitely be some guy's bitch in prison. Maybe 10 years of tossing salads and getting it up the ass from some guy named Leroy isn't such a lenient sentence after all. One can hope. Speaking of scumbags, it's nice to know the politicians are getting ready to put their game faces on for the upcoming September 11th memorial ceremony. Heaven forbid they not use the anniversary of the worst thing that's happened on American soil (in recent years) to get some highly desirable face time.

This is an interesting article about the Army providing their soldiers with educations. It's about time. You can only manipulate the phrase "Ability to kill people with skittles" so much on your resume. By the way everyone, I could kill Kwame "WITH THIS!!!" *holding up a post-it note* Sorry, inside joke.

Anyway, moving right along...

Ted Widmer had a left-leaning but interesting article in the Times today about bipartisanship and foreign policy. It included the following comments which I actually take issue with:

"But there may be some truth to the idea that Democrats are generally more eager to join American interests to the rest of the world. Democrats are not always right, to put it mildly. But they generally get the idea that America is stronger leading others than standing alone."

The problem is not in the decision to lead others. The problem is that certain people want us to be a strong nation that leads others, without having to make any of the difficult policy decisions that fall into the laps of all leading nations, especially a nation that leads leading nations. How does one take a strong role in the international community without stepping on any toes? Our missions in Kosovo and Somalia, plus our policy with Iraq (all executed or maintained under a leader who exemplifies all that the Democratic Party stands for) helped lead us to where we are now. So why does everyone keep insisting there's some kind of yellow brick road that we've all been failing to follow, if participating in the international community has led us to this and isolationism is considered evil?? I could go on for hours about my thoughts on this but I lose a couple readers for good everytime I go off on one of my political spiels. So I'll take the liberal journalist way out and write what people want to read, not what should be said.

Let's go back to the NY Post, they always have crazy articles in there...

The Brooklyn District Attorney's office is calling a blind man to the witness stand in a murder trial even though he says he didn't see anything. They say he originally told police that he did see the murderer at the scene of the crime. Interesting. You know the blind guy is lying, he saw the murderer. He's just trying to save his ass. In the final analysis can you blame him? If the murderer guy gets off you know he'd be coming after Stevie. I wouldn't want to be blind and worried about murderers hunting me. It'd be hard enough having to worry about sharp table edges and cracks in the pavement.

Hey, if I had a sixth toe on my right foot and wanted it removed (this is all hypothetically speaking of course) what would the cosmetic surgery be comprised of afterwards? My friend Louis thinks the doctors would then re-shape my foot so it would look like a normal foot. Would they do that? Or would there be this big indentation at the end of my toes where my sixth toe once was? Just wondering.

Okay I have a headache so I'm going to stare at the wall for awhile and wish I was at home sleeping.

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