January 30, 2005



I just had an uninterrupted 5 hours of sleep, and I fucking feel great!!! This is on top of 5 hours of only minimally interrupted sleep so life is dandy. I'm ready to take over the world! But not yet. Because I'm hungry. And Aud is coming over so we can go putz around at Barnes and Noble. Plus the shower is calling to me "Hey Riss, don't be such a stranger."

Naturally, with all this sleep, I had a crazy dream. I dreamt I was in Amsterdam at some hotel with my childhood friend Cara. The hotel was some sort of bizarre place people rented to get abortions or give birth. She wanted an abortion but after a few too-graphic sequences, ended up giving birth to a baby girl instead. There is apparently no time-space continuum in my dreams with respect to biology. But they did bring us room service.

Late night television is messing with my mind. As some of you know, I've recently become a rampant insomniac. If by recently you mean the last 5 months or so. As a result, I've become obsessed with the fact that Dharma and Greg is no longer on the air. What a television travesty. Also, I'm obsessed with this candle set I saw on QVC called Bakery Scents. I mean it's a simmer pot with candles shaped like pastries. It's like it was made especially for me!! Actually if it was made especially for me, there'd be little fried bacon candles and popcorn candles and big fat steak candles. That would rock.

Mike came over last night. He gave me some "cold medicine" you shoot up your nose. I tried it and it burned the inside of my nostrils, my brain and my throat. Then I had to blow my nose for two hours. It was very weird and kind of disgusting. Never thought there'd be some process in this world where a coke addict would have some sort of edge. If I were a coke addict, the inside of my nostrils would have been so numb the medicine would have just felt like water.

Past midnight last night, someone knocked on our front door. Who would be knocking on our door past midnight? Naturally, I thought it was a murderer, albeit a very polite murderer. So Geo looked out the window and it was our friend Pete. He came to drop a Christmas present off for the girls, on his way to go do laundry. Who does laundry at midnight? But it was nice seeing him, if only for one minute. And thanks for the gift Pete! It was a gift certificate to Toys R Us which I will use to buy fun toys for myself, er, the girls I meant. Totally unrelated to the gift certificate I'm now in control of spending, the great toymakers have re-released some of the old Transformers toys. Again, this is completely unrelated to the gift certificate I have in my possession now. Oh come on, I wouldn't steal from my own children. You guys maybe, but not my own kids.

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