February 9, 2005

Playing It Straight

Playing It Straight: Part One

Some of the people who have been reading for awhile might remember my friend Louis, who was part of the "integration team" aka The Borg that came to pick apart my company after it was bought out. He's the one I went out with to some crazy bar in the city, where we got super wasted and almost got into a brawl over billiards. That's probably not specific enough so here, just read the story.

Since he lives in Dallas, I hadn't spoken to him in awhile, but he responded to a mass e-mail I sent out asking people for their updated contact information. He gave me the rundown on what's been going on with him, and one thing that stuck out was that he was on a reality TV show. Some producer stopped him in Vegas and asked him to try out for the show. They didn't tell the people who made it to the show what it was, until they got to the ranch in Nevada. The show was called "Playing It Straight" and was about 12 guys and one girl. Some of the guys are gay, some of them are straight and she had to figure out who was what. If she ended up with a straight guy at the end, they would split a million bucks. If she ended up with a gay guy, he would get 500K and she would get nothing, not even a pat on the back. Okay that's fricken hysterical!!!

(Louis is the one second from the left in the middle row,
that looks like he's saying "What the hell am I doing here??"

Louis said the show got cancelled after a few episodes, but Fox has them available for viewing on the site. After paying the $1.99 those greedy bastards charged me to "rent" the episode for 48 hours, I tried to download and watch it but to no avail. Hopefully Geo will be able to fix it when he gets home. For those of you who don't have a vested interest in watching the show like I do, here's the summary of what happened. And here's a picture of the white cowboy hat Louis wore, that he hated but one of the gay guys stole his hat. They're so sneaky sometimes. And here's an interview Louis gave about his experience. I'll post a review of the show if I get to watch it. Should be fun. Louis says the chick is sweet, but he's a guy and therefore isn't capable of judging the character of an attractive woman competently. Now if he was gay, then I'd believe him.

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