March 16, 2005


I'm Tired

I am too tired to post anything substantial, I've been busy with preparations for an extended visit from relatives who arrived tonight. We had to pick them up from Philly International, almost 2 hours away. Thanks Mike and Tony for babysitting, you guys rock! Also thanks to Aud for babysitting last night so I could work myself to the bone cleaning.

So anyway, to avoid having to put up a real post I might actually have to think about, I'll just post a picture, of what happens when you finally come to terms with an embarrasing fact about yourself. Your friends make fun of you and make sure you have to endure as much public humiliation about it as possible.

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Thanks Mike. I love it. I'm pretending to be sarcastic but am secretly thrilled. Geo, not so much. Something about me sleeping with my face in another man.

Kwam, can you pinch hit the 24 recap for me before my sister has a fit? All I have are my notes, which read as follows:

Paul is being tortured again?? The expression on his face says "Jack fucked me up a hell of a lot more you white collar terrorist pussies." And when they threatened to kill Paul, the expression on Jack's face said "Go ahead. I'm banging his wife, what do I care if you kill him."

When the security guy found his guards on the floor Mike and I started simultaneousl singing "Ha ha, your men are dead nyah nyah."

I am back to hating Michelle Dessler. Please God let her meet Eric and his ZZZZZZT device too. Tony saved your life at the expense of his career. You sold him out and now have the job he lost to save you... and YOU'RE giving HIM attitude?? Cunt. Also, brilliant career move there, alienating the Secretary of Defense's daughter.

God the women on this show are such wusses. I miss Nina. I liked Audrey at first but now she's joined the ranks of lame ass 24 women. "I don't see Jack the same way anymore." He's a fucking CTU agent who's saved the country 3 times and is still going. How the hell did you think he acted in the field, threats to smother potential terrorists with sunshine and daisies if they didn't cooperate. Dildo.

I can't believe they're making me fake-television-pray for Paul's life. I am seriously going to be upset if he dies, which he can't because he has to get back with Audrey because she doesn't deserve Jack. Jack needs to get back with Poor Man's Cate Blanchett. She watched him manhandle her own sister and let it go because she was a terrorist and lives were at stake. Good woman!

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