April 3, 2005



So Mike J and I hit up our first ever blogmeet last night. Yes, you read that right. I would post a list of the attendees, but I'm not certain you guys are ready for mixed company yet. I mean don't get me wrong, you're all lovely people, witty and articulate. However you also have a tendency to be loud and obnoxious and throw the word "fuck" around like it's nobody's business. Oh wait... never mind. That's me. And since they've already met me, the whole good-first-impression thing has already been shot straight to hell.

Anyway, we headed over to the American Legion post in Union and met a whole bunch of Jersey bloggers. The fee was $30 per person, which Mike J said he'd cover as long as I made sure to drink both my share's worth of liquor as well as his, since he had to drive. Which of course was pretty easy for me, since they had tequila and I have a mouth. We were even able to get Debbie of Baristanet, Shabe of The Jersey Side and Tracey of the South Orange Journal to do a prairie fire with us. You know, a shot of tequila with tabasco sauce in it. It probably would have been more sporting of us to let them know in advance what they were getting into, but hey what can you do.

Thanks to Jim and Kate for organizing the event, it was really fun!! Also, who made those brownies and how can I purchase a pan? They were amazing. Like Andes Creme De Menthe brownies. Everyone was really nice and great to talk to, and I wish I'd been able to sit down and talk to everyone:

-Robert from Dynamobuzz and I shared pics of our kids
-Debbie and I talked about her new book, which she just sold to St. Martin's Press (Debbie rocks)
-Tracey and I talked about how she's never seen the movie The Rock (shame on you)
-Lynne and I talked about the evil that often manifests as "corporate politics"
-Erin from Gigglechick and I discussed how my new What The is Steve Buscemi (Don't even TRY to dispute that one people. He's a What The and a half.)
-Patrick from Jerseystyle and I talked about how his What The is CONDOLEEZZA RICE (Yes, I remembered that, how could I not. That is the greatest What The as yet.)
-Jim and I sung some Every Brothers' songs while he and Patrick played guitar.
And Shabe and I talked about how he thought I was going to be more obscene than I was.

Me: So am I the way you thought I'd be in real life?
Shabe: Yeah, but I kind of thought you'd be more profane.
Me: Shabe I'm surrounded by a whole bunch of white people, many of whom are older than me. I'm on my best behavior.
Mike J: She really is.

See? And you all thought I couldn't be taken out in public. The funniest part about getting drunk at a blogmeet is that drunken pictures of you magically appear in various places on the web. But all my clothes were on so what do I care, which probably can't be said for all the drunken pictures I've ever taken in my life.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Photo courtesy of Erin. At least my hair isn't on fire.

Afterwards, Mike and I headed into the city and met up with Steve, Luke and Girlie at some random dessert place on 83rd and Amsterdam. While we were waiting I got bored so I started chit-chatting with these women from the Philippines who looked like my mom. I miss my mom. Then again, I was also still buzzed so that could have been it as well. Mike asked me what I wanted and I said I didn't want anything, which in Hebrew apparently means "Another shot of tequila." Mike rocks.

But he wasn't really feeling his dessert so he said "Wanna go to Hop-Kee?" To which I didn't answer, being that my ass was already out the door and waiting in the car. What sane person turns down Peking-style pork chops, dried sauteed string beans and salt and pepper squid? Well, besides Girlie, Luke and Steve, psychos. What kind of people do I hang around with? Also, I think Luke has a baldy now, but I may have just been more drunk than I thought and hallucinating.

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