May 3, 2005

24: Hour Twenty I Think

24: Hour Twenty I Think

She Said:

1. How can a consulate be "sovreign" for God's sake, it's on American soil. Foreign consulates should be subject to the same rules of search and seizure as every other place in the country. Just like when that idiot teenage boy was caught vandalizing in Singapore and the American consulate tried to protect him from his flogging. Why? Whenever you're in a foreign land you should be subject to their rules. Otherwise, stay your law-breaking ass at home in your own country. Simple.

2. Poor, poor Tony. He's not even over the whole labeled-as-a-traitor thing and now he has to be an accomplice to breaking the law again. You have to give him credit, he didn't whine about it, just seemed resigned to yet another vacation courtesy of the federal penal system.

3. When Jack was explaining that his mission was approved yet would be denied by the President, Curtis had this look on his face like "Damn, I wanna hate this white man but he's just so damn admirable." By the way, I really should take back his correct name and start calling him Token Black Guy again, after that weak screen he set for Jack last week. He has a weaker defense than Stephon Marbury.

4. I take it next season's Big Bad Guys won't be the Chinese, being that if the consulate guards are a sign of their ineptitude it would be the shortest season/day ever. "Jack, the Chinese are even now smuggling a hydrogen bomb into Washington D.C... wait.... This just in, they accidentally detonated it en route. No casualties except the terrorists. Never mind then."

5. Is it me or has his experience with Jack made Paul into a man? Ten hours ago or so he was pathetically trying to get Audrey in bed, while she visibly gagged as he tried to kiss her. Since then he's been tortured, beat up, killed some people, been shot and saved Jack's life thus saving the country. Now every time Audrey rubs up on him he looks like he wants to tell her that he's realized he can do better.

6. I am so ashamed that I actually though Audrey would be a decent character. In my defense, I was just desperately hoping that at least one woman on the show wouldn't be weak, stupid, a cunt or psychotic. Alas, Audrey pretty much hits all four nails on the head. Too bad Jack didn't bitchslap her back and pretend he was trying to calm her hysteria. That would have been great.

7. So um... CTU is in crisis mode and there's only ONE doctor? This is worse than the whole not-equipped-to-handle-one-crazy-chick fiasco. Is it me or is all you need to "handle" one crazy chick are some sort of restraints, which are in abundant supply at CTU?

He Said (Kwame):

1. It's 2:00 in the morning yet all of the workers at CTU still have their shirts tucked in, their ties are on and all the ladies are still wearing high heels. Ah the wonder of television. They could at least throw in a yawn or a "I need a cup of coffee" or a comment that Edgar smells bad.

2. The best line of the night was by President Palmer "If it was anyone else I would ask if you are sure." The second best was by Chloe when she said "I'm not hurt, I did the shooting remember?"

3. So what exactly is "The President" doing in that room while Palmer takes over? Taking a nap? Calling 900 numbers?

4. Why is the operator at CTU putting phone calls through from a woman who identifies herself as "the woman Tony lives with?"

5. I was waiting for Tony to say to Michelle... "Hey a man has needs. The girl was easy. What do you want from an out-of-work drunk?"

6. Seriously, Audrey is breaking all of Kim Bauer's records for being annoying and there are still 3 hours left. Yes Audrey, we are in the middle of a crisis but your mind is focused on sneaking out of Cali without telling Jack because, God forbid, he is trying to save millions of lives. Even Paul thought that was foul.

7. So these Chinese guards can't shoot Jack while he is carrying this dude on his back, but they can shoot their own guy. They are as inept as Curtis.

8. I think Paul died because they never let the man rest. 2 minutes after they finish surgery they always have Audrey rubbing him up.

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