July 4, 2005

4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

I actually didn't do that much this weekend, so I almost feel guilty for recapping it. Like I'm about to tell you guys what my drapes look like or how many dust bunnies are behind the bookshelf (three). So on Saturday, we headed down to Cherry Hill to putz around for a bit. Or rather, Geo's cousin Manny forgot that no one was going to be home that evening and by the time he told us we were already 4 exits away from his house. But we didn't mind because besides the company, the number one reason we head down to Cherry Hill is for the steak sandwiches. The pizza joint by Manny's house has the fricken best sandwiches in the entire world. It's entirely random and completely true. And delicious sandwiches are always worth a road trip, especially when combined with Wawa Peach Iced Tea, which is the best iced tea EVER. Plus we got to chill with Manny and his brother Aris for awhile at least, before they left for work.

The scene: Geo, Manny (who's 27 I think) and Aris (who's 24 I think) are sitting on the living room floor eating sandwiches. I am on the couch, embroiled in a heated Mario Tennis match which is keeping me from my food.

Manny: So Mike J turned 34?
Geo: Yup.
Manny: Wow, that's old. How old are you Geo?
Geo: I'll be 32 this year.
Manny and Aris: Wow... you're old.
Geo: Yeah. I was banging chicks while you guys were still learning how to write.

After the cousins left we headed over to the Cherry Hill Mall to get ice cream. In Macy's I saw this shirt that cracked me up, because it reminded me of the conversation Geo just had with his cousins. It was dirt cheap so I decided to pick it up:

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Can you believe GUESS makes this shirt?? Weird.

Of course, the math doesn't add up which kind of bothers me as an Asian person. You know how that is. Just pretend the "81" says "91" and I'll still be able to hold my head up at Mathlete meetings.

On Sunday I woke up long enough to watch Andy Roddick get spanked by Roger Federer, then went back to sleep. In the afternoon, we hit up a birthday party for our friends Albert and Mimi's son Jake. You know, I really like that name now but four of my friends have named their sons it so alas, I will not be having a son named Jake. But that is a conversation for a different time. No I'm not pregnant. Although Geo kind of freaked me out the other day when I overheard a conversation he had with our neighbor.

Neighbor: You guys should have two more.
Geo: We're trying!
Me (inside my head): We are??? I didn't seem to get that memo.

He was just kidding though. We still plan on having more kids but not anytime soon. We should be fine with this goal as long as we learn our lesson from last time and don't mix whiskey with Victoria's Secret bustiers. My point is, we had a good time at the barbeque and the food was SUPERB (thanks guys!) On the way home we stopped on some random overpass and watched a pretty cool fireworks show in the distance. The noise was scaring one of the girls so we had to turn the radio up. Incidentally, that techno song O Fortuna by Apotheosis is a great song to watch fireworks to.

On Monday, Abel came by and we played Mario Tennis for awhile but as usual I got too competitive and threw my controller so we had to stop and take a break outside. Kind of makes me laugh how heated we all get over this game. I also have to learn how to play without cursing because my girls are getting to that age where they could start repeating stuff. I've been pretty good about refraining from cursing in everyday conversation, but when we play video games it's a whole different ballgame. I have to practice yelling "FRICK!!!!!!!!" and "WITCH!!!!!" when Mario or Princess Whorebag start cheating.

While we were outside, Abel and Geo were agonizing over some woman who was having a hard time parallel parking. They made fun of her for the entire time it took Abel to smoke three cigarettes. I pointed out that the woman was like 60 years old and had a Handicap thing hanging from her rearview mirror, but they didn't care. They were taking it personally that the woman had a license but couldn't parallel park, and they had a point one really can't argue with. It was getting painful to watch so I finally asked Geo to go over there and park her car for her. You know me, I'm an ass but I can be a soft-hearted one.

And that was it. A nice, relaxing weekend. I did of course eat a couple hot dogs and burgers at the barbeque on Sunday. You can't really celebrate July 4th weekend without eating a dead animal or twelve off a grill. It's like traitorous or something.