July 17, 2005


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So I finally got laid in a dream last night. I woke up feeling inordinately proud of myself. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know this is a rare occurrence. For some reason, in the past few years or so, every time I'm about to get some in a dream I wake up literally a few seconds before things get interesting. Geo and I have a running joke that he has the remote control to my dreams.

Me: You snoozed last night with the remote. I cheated on you while we were sleeping.
Geo: With who?
Me: Julian McMahon.
Geo: That's okay, I got some first. He can have sloppy seconds.

I'm just happy it was someone decent. Normally when I have sex in my dreams it's with some random real life person I don't even find attractive. Sometimes the experience promises to be so nauseating that my mind screams "Wake up, he's taking off his pants!! Run!!!!!!" But last night was highly pleasant. So pleasant in fact, that when Geo's alarm came on I turned it off because it was interfering with my dream. Luckily it was Sunday. I don't know how Geo would have explained being late to his boss. "Sorry sir, my wife turned off the alarm because she was having a really great sex dream about that guy from Nip/Tuck."

I wonder if people read the marital conversations Geo and I regularly have and think we're the two weirdest people ever to be married to each other.

My Dog Update
Yes, another dog story. So like ten minutes ago Geo yells for me, and I go outside and he says "Bring in the dog." I assumed he was just trying to spray him with the hose to encourage him into the house. So I open the door and my canine child comes scampering by. He's already inside the house and halfway up the steps when I realize he's got what looks like a dead rat in his mouth. I'm like "Eeew eew he's got a dead rat in his mouth!!!!!" Geo comes running and yells at me "Why didn't you stop him" to which I start laughing hysterically because there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to try and grab our dog while he's got a dead rat in his mouth. He might brush that thing against me or something. I'm not that girly about shit like this but even I draw the line at dead rats.

So Geo goes into the kitchen, and locks him in his crate so he can remove the dead rat. Which is really a baby possum playing dead. We go back outside and I'm like "You didn't really think I was going to try and grab him while he's running around with a dead rat in his mouth did you" and I start laughing hysterically all over again. Geo sees the humor in that and can't help but smile. But again, eeew.

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