July 27, 2005



I sat down at the computer fully intending to write a post but now I find that I am sleepy. Which is what happens when you eat a turkey sandwich at 1 a.m. but I thought the sour cream and onion potato chips and smoothie-flavored Skittles would cancel out the L-tryptophan. Okay I didn't really think that and yes, my eating habits leave much to be desired. Well, not literally. I mean there's not much food to be desired when you eat the crap that I do. But I'm trying to fix that because it's just not right to be almost 30 years old and eating Captain Crunch for dinner. Okay I didn't really eat that for dinner but I would have if I'd had it.

So being that I'm super ultra sleepy and that my fingers feel really heavy all of a sudden, I am going to take the lazy way out. I'm jacking the Quizilla test Bullish used on his site recently and making it my own. My results are on the left, as supplied by Quizilla unedited. I didn't add the name, it was just a fringe benefit. A supplementary picture is on the right, for clarification purposes.

eating people
What's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

Steve's shirt says "I put out on the first date." He really does too. Twice, he says (And Steve, I'm glad you were brave enough to come back to us from Australia). By the way, I'll have you know that Filipinos eat dogs not people. Well not anymore. Although, ever since the world began proclaiming their horror and distaste at the idea of London broiled Lassie, I'm not certain eating dogs happens there anymore either. My dad grew up in a remote village there and never had it and my mom only had it once, in like 1957. She said it tastes like chicken but I think she was just messing around. I mean that doesn't make sense to me. Dog should have a heavier flavor, not unlike buffalo I imagine. But I've never had buffalo so I'm imagining that something tastes like another something I have to imagine as well. Okay I really am sleepy, what the hell am I talking about. And before you ASPCA members start going psycho on me (Kaan) try and think of what you might be forced to eat if you didn't have any food available (tofu).

For those of you still waiting the answer to the .000000000006 million dollar question down below, NO I did not in fact flick the caterpillar off the rail. I spared it because I just felt kind of bad for it, sunbathing so unsuspectingly on the rail, doing nothing wrong except hanging out by my pulled back finger. Oh who am I kidding, it would be gross to flick a caterpillar. What if it exploded on contact and got green shit all over my finger. Or what if contact with its fuzzy skin made my finger all rashy and itchy. Or what if it survived but rallied all its caterpillar friends to my bedroom at night, to crawl on my arms and legs while I slept. I mean EEEW. Okay I was kidding about all that too. I wouldn't flick the caterpillar, I don't even know why I batted at the fireflies. I'm usually fairly nice to insects, except roaches and those disgusting brown things in our basement that look like the thing in The Matrix that they pulled out of Neo's belly button.

Dude I need to go. Is this post even making any sense? I feel like I'm drunk off my turkey sandwich.

But I just want to say one thing before I forget because I've been meaning to blog about it but keep forgetting to. The only other language that can get away with rap is Spanish. That's it. No other. All the others sound lame. Even Spanish sometime pushes it but they can at least point at that one Mellow Man Ace song "Mentirosa" and prove it can be done well. Ain't got nobody...... baaaaby.

Yeah I need to sleep. What the hell am I doing on here talking about Mellow Man Ace at three in the morning for God's sake.

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