May 19, 2006

A Jumbled Up TV Post

A Jumbled Up TV Post
(Note: Spoilers galore)

On 24: I'm not as excited as I've been at this point in time, during the last seasons. The security in that guy's pad was tight though. I want something similar for when my kids are older. I picture their friends walking through and me over the com unit going "What is that in your pocket, weed? You have 10 seconds to exit the premises... 9... 8...7..." And then I'd lean out the window and snipe them with my paintball gun as they flee.

It's good Aaron is back, but couldn't the writers have brought him back in a less nausea-inspiring way? Those tender moments between him and the Crazy First Lady are playing havoc on my gag reflex. Also, after chasing God knows how many pills with a few bottles of wine, I think the First Lady killed the guy accidentally while aiming for his foot.

It was disappointing that Jack didn't fuck up the Homeland Security Weasel. He just may be losing his touch. Kim Bauer's perverted boyfriend is walking around scot free as well.

On Lost: People like to challenge my choices but as it stands my favorite characters are Sayid, Sawyer and now Ecko since Ana Lucia is gone. In that order. Sayid has reaffirmed his spot, by being the first person to see through Michael's horribly obvious ploys. "Hey guys, let's go get my son back. Except I only want 5 people to go, and I want two of those people to be the two most useless people on the island. No, we can't replace the guy who doesn't want to go with the former member of the Iraqi army." Which of course, Jack the Douche Bag responds to with "Okay sure, whatever you say." Dildo.

And as Kwame mentioned, it would be nice if the people on the island shared info every now and again. It's not as if there's so much to do on the island. You'd think they would talk more.

On Grey's Anatomy: Derek's stock just plummeted since he banged Meredith again. For his stupidity, not his infidelity. Because unless he's got condoms in that tux, he just put his unprotected dick in an orifice that has seen more visitors than the Seattle Grace ER. He's worse than those doctors who smoke and ride motorcycles.

The season-ending cliffhanger was no cliffhanger for me. I don't understand why Meredith is conflicted. She's standing there with the sperm of one guy dripping down her leg, what does she want to do, go with the vet guy and add to it? Go with Derek and let his wife Addison clean it up? Go home Meredith, do not pass Go. Do not collect $200, though it might just be your inclination you whore. And above all please please please do not stuff anymore dicks into yourself at the bar, or in the parking lot, or on the way home or once you get home.

Other than Burke, Bailey and Alex I'm not really a fan of any of the other characters, but the Izzie scene at the end did make me a tad teary. Mainly because I got stuck on the fact that if she hadn't changed her dress three times, she probably would have been able to save her fiance's life. That's some fucked up shit right there.

And finally, even though I haven't watched it much this season, I'm sad that Will & Grace is no more. Along with Friends and Frasier it was one of my favorite sit-coms ever.


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